Module 9

Check out these apps, useful for Highschool Art!

ArtStudio - Draw and Paint

With a classroom that has access to drawing tablets for the computers or ipads or android tablets, Artstudio is an inexpensive app that lets studios experiment with digital art. The students can use styluses and fake brushes to replicate drawing and painting ideas in digital form.

Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority is a collection of all the great painters and artists of the world. The student can do side by side comparisons of art and see from what year and what art movement they come from.

In the classroom students can look up and compare different artists and movements. If a student wants to see how Donatello inspired Caravaggio in his work, they can do side by side comparisons.

Art Project by Google

Art Authority replicates museums any where in the world, so students can visit locations and see artwork and sculptures where they are on display.

This can be used to show students real museums in the world and to be able to walk through it's halls in a virtual reality on their mobile device or computer!

Sketch Book

A very powerful drawing and painting digital tool. Not only can Sketch Book be used on a tablet or mobile device, but the drawings can then be imported and worked on a computer. It is designed to complete very quick drawings but have very particulate accuracy.

Students can practice digital art in Sketch Book on their tablets or computers and use it as an alternative of carrying a real life sketchbook. Instead they can keep it on their phone!


ArtStation is a professional grade artist website where real art professionals post their work. It is a place to get inspired in a modern digital age and see just how many jobs and industry professionals there are in the gaming, video, and comic realm.

Students can come here more as a leisure activity. To find artwork and artists that inspire them and to also inject confidence that there is a professional field for an artist and they won't grow up to be "a poor artist."