Factors Affecting Enzymes


The purpose of this lab was to determine the effect of temperature on enzyme activity

Research question

How does the temperature of the solution affect enzyme activity.


Explanatory Hypothesis: The temperature will affect the enzyme activity but not in a linear relationship relationship but a parabolic relationship.

Prediction: the room temperature substance will be optimal temperature for the reaction to occur

Alternative Hypothesis: The temperature will have a correction with a the late of reaction


First in this experiment we filled four test tubes with hydrogen peroxide. Each peroxide was at a different temperature. After the peroxides where put in the yeast catalyst. Once the reaction started we put a pressure sensor over the test tube. The pressure sensor sent the information to the Labquest which complied the data.
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The general trend of the data shows that the extremes of warm and cold are where the solution had the highest the rate of reaction.Thus the enzyme can be active in multiple temperature ranges.


According to the data the enzyme activity is most productive at the temperature of 50-55 degrees Celsius


In the experiment the data shows that the extremes of warm and cold are where the enzymes rate of reaction peaks. The reason this occurs is because at room temperature the enzyme is slightly denatured so it can not facilitate the reaction as fast. The claim stated that the 50-55 degrees Celsius range had the highest rate of reaction. The data proves the claim to be correct because the 50-55 degrees Celsius range has a rate of reaction of .03 which is higher than any other temperatures rate of reaction. Errors that could have occurred in this experiment unaccountable sources of heat. An example would be holding the test tube with hands. The heat from the hands would heat the test tube and corrupt the data. Another experimental error would be how far the pressure sensor was pushed into the test tube. The farther the pressure sensor is in the tube the higher the pressure will be. Thus if the pressure sensor is not put in the same spot in each test tube the pressure will be inaccurate. A way to solve the temperature problem would be to wear gloves when handling the tubes. The way to solve the putting the pressure sensor to far would be to measure and mark a constant spot on all the test tubes and put the sensor their.