Jason Enke

By: Jillian Enke

Jason Enke

Jason Enke

Have you ever met someone who you thought was a great role model? Well I have, his name is Jason Enke. I’m going to tell you a little bit about him.

I will start by telling you about his childhood. He was born in Rockford,Illinois on May 14, 1976. He has three siblings he has an older sister Sarah, a twin brother named Jermey, who is seven minutes younger than him and, a little brother Ryan. He went to elementary school in Rockford, IL. He also went to highschool in Rockford, IL.

In college Jason went to Steven Point, WI. Jason said in college I meant my beautiful wife Sarah Anne.In college he studied physical education.

After college he got married to sarah and had four kids their names where Drew the oldest, Jillian the second oldest, Blake the third oldest and, Paityn the Littlest. One of the great achievements Jason has done is running the Boston marathon. He is also proud of the two master degrees he has.

Jason’s career started at Fox Prairie as a P.E. teacher. He taught there for eleven years and got nominated for teacher of the year. but after eleven years he started looking for a new job. He found one in Clear Lake Iowa. That job was helping teachers. He also said I want to help teacher because I know how hard it is from other experiences so I want to make it easier so it’s not so hard.

That’s why I think Jason Enke is a great role model.
Interview With Jason
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