Mr. Hanna's Ag Mechanics Classes

This page will cover ALL shop classes taught in the Ag Shop

Shop Expectations

I am a firm believer in learning is done by doing. It will be expected of all students to have or be a part of a project. Every student is expected to be actively engaged and working when in class.

Throughout the year students will have opportunities to build projects, during these build times we will periodically take a break from those projects to cover other aspects of Ag Mechanics. These will be plumbing, electrical, concrete, fence building, and some woodworking.

My hopes for these to be a time for the students to get rewound to get back on their big projects.

Below I will list my expectations, syllabus, and materials needed for class. I will also have posted the information and details on exhibiting an ag mechanics project at the county and/or major stock shows.

I am excited for the opportunities at Breckenridge ISD and look forward to this year!

Unit 1: Shop Safety

Below is the Power point presentation of the shop safety presentation for class.