Mrs. Sullivan's Second Grade News

September 8, 2015

PYP Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet Field Trip!

Our field trip to the Miracle Field will be next Tues, Sept. 15. If your child has not returned the permission slip and lunch order I am sending another one attached to this newsletter. I have 3 volunteers and would like to have at least one more. If you can help please let me know ASAP.

Reading & Writing

We are sharing stories that inspire us to become writers. As we share a story we are examining ways authors make a story interesting by using words, phrases, and punctuation.

In the writing process we are focusing on using capital letters correctly, using details to make our story interesting, and using punctuation to finish a complete sentence.


Students are working on applying addition and subtraction concepts including using doubles to subtract, missing addends, and fact families.
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