Granger Weekly Newsletter

Nov. 30-Dec.4, 2015

Quick Reminders


Dec. 2nd - Elem./J.H. competition in Holland - writing/speaking/chess only

Dec. 9th - Elem./J.H. competition in Granger - all other events-please remember assigned food item and job assignment- THIS WILL BE A HALF DAY!

Dec. 9th - Library Closed

Dec. 18 - End of 3rd Six Weeks

Dec 21-Jan. 5th - Winter Break

Jan. 4th -Staff Development

Renaissance Marking Periods

Nov. 30-Dec. 4 Reading

Dec. 7-11 Math

Jan. 4-8 Reading

Jan. 11-15 Math

Jan. 24-29 Reading

Dec. 18 - End of Six Weeks

Happy Birthday!

Tammy Price 19

Jennifer Lane 26

Class of 2016 Project Celebration benefit dinner Sat. Jan. 23, 2016. Ticket includes chicken friend steak dinner for two and a chance for the prize money drawing. There will also be a live and silent auction. Cost of tickets worth the fifty dollars! See a Senior for tickets!

Great Resource

Tried and true resource recommend by a Jr. High teacher in Louisiana. This is similar to the All in One Response system without all the drama of setting up.

A powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.

From a Fixed to a Growth Mindset!

This is something I bet many of us do naturally (especially coaches), but what's really cool is that it can be taught with purpose to students. Please check out the mindset website link above. I am especially excited about the mindset for math. Really, though, this is for everyone who wants to reach those students who don't see the value in trying.

The sad reality is that students who see themselves as smart tend to be less likely to try to push themselves harder and can often peak early. The other sad reality is that students who see themselves as not smart tend to not see the value in trying either. For them its, 'what's the point?'

We're battling a common acceptance of what is, but we can help change these thought patterns! The best lesson plans on the planet won't help kids who don't see the value in trying in the first place.

We have to teach mindset in order to help them realize the point of trying. In all of my research, for my naysayers, science proves that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Watch the videos, read the research on mindset, and try it in your own classes. I am super excited that I feel power over student learning like never before. I sincerely believe this is the missing piece in any school where students don't achieve at higher levels.

Thank you for reading and trying this out!

J. Rhoades