The raft

Raylyn shook

The beginning

At the beginning of the story it starts of with Robie getting her nose perched.

She is staying with her aunt her aunt has to go to a meeting.

robin would of had to fly back but Robie convinced her aunt to let her stay the rest of the week if this guy checked in on her every day he called to tell Robie he would not make it to check in on her. But Robie did not tell her aunt that he could not check in on her

that night Robie was alone and went to get McDonnell's she got it and walked back home this guy snatched her up by her corn rows. That night he followed her back and knocked on her door all night she freaked out and went to catch a flight the next day she did not get wade.

after the plane went down

The plane went down and she screamed could this be any worse max said yes and thats all he said to her for the rest of the day. robie woke up the next day and tried clothes she had to pee really bad so she peed of the side of the raft she took Max's clothes off and she tried them for them. Max did not talk that hole day either he had a cut on his head so he was unconscious. Got curios and found max mag behind him ate his skittles.

The nest day robie belled max out the raft to get the water out she tied a rope to him and put him out the raft she got most the water out and then fell asleep and woke up but max was gone she freaked out a little while later max came back she floated for a few days and she caught a fish ate it did not give max any they floated she heard a plane at night she got some flair from the bag and lit the wrong one then she lit the other one but the plane was gone. Robie thought she seen something in the distance it looked like a island a while later she found out it was.

the island

Robie woke up on the island she opened her one eye she found out she hit her eye on the deef and max apparently was dead he never even got back in the boat she made it up so she would feel better about being alone. She got to work she found lighters and started to fine with ones worked she made a pile of witch ones did not worked and for lighter fluid.

now she had to go get wood she walked around on the island and found a seal it had a bit off flipper and a gash in its side robie decided to kill it so it would quit hurting she hit it over the head with a stick and killed it and when it died the baby seal came out and wanted her mom the mom was dead she named the baby star buck she seen a soot in the water with a beckon she went out there to get it there was a dead guy in it then a tiger shark ate the guy and robie was up set she made her fire and she fell asleep she woke up to rain and seen her fire was out she was very upset. She thought she seen a boat but she thought her mind was playing tricks on her but it was not there was a boat and they saved her and everything worked out and she made it home.

i relate to this

i can relate to this by going through hard times like she did

i can relate to this by taking stuff for granted, i can relate to this by feeling scared, i can relate to this by being lonely, i can relate to this by feeling like giving up.