BOOM!-Concussions in Football

And How they Affect Players


Why concussions are important to recognize and how

Concussions need to be at the front of the medical field in the NFL for many reasons. One, if a player suffered many concussions over their career, they are at a greater risk to have brain damage or problems later in life. Also, concussions can be avoided by making new rules. The NFL is looking into getting helmets that can actually detect if a player has just be hit hard enough that he could have suffered a concussion. These steps are very important in the development of the prevention of concussions and other head injuries. Because many players don't want to leave the game, they might lie and say they don't think they have a concussion. Because of this and other excuses a player might have, the NFL has somebody in a booth for the entire game watching the game happen and calling into the sidelines and telling them to take a player out of the game if it looks like they might have had a concussion. Also, the movie Concussion that just came out has raised awareness of concussions in the general public so that support has increased to increase concussion prevention.

Action Must Be Taken!

This this survey to figure out what you know about concussions and what you need to learn!