The Spartans valued discipline, obedience and courage

Boys and Men in Sparta

Daily life in Sparta was dominated by the army. Even the lives of children reflected this domination. When a boy was born government officials came to look at him. If the baby was not healthy or in good shape it was taken out of the city and left to die. Healthy boys were trained from an early age to be soldiers. The Spartans believed that the most important qualities of good soldiers were self-discipline and obedience.

Girls and Women in Sparta

Since men were usually away at war, women had more rights than Greek women. Some women owned land, they ran there households when there husbands were gone. and they didn't spend much time spinning cloth or weaving. Spartan women would receive physical training. They learned things like the men. The Spartans believed that this training would help women bear healthy children.

Sparta was a warrior society in ancient Greece that reached the height of its power

Government in Sparta

Sparta was officially ruled by two kings. Spartans government was set up to control the city's helots or slaves. These slaves grew all the cities crops and did many other jobs. There lives were miserable and they couldn't leave there land. Although slaved outnumbered the city's citizens the army kept them from rebelling.

More Info About Sparta

They were ruled by kings and officials. Emphasis only on physical education. Known for its powerful and discipline army. They had Greek language and religion.

Life in Sparta

Ages 7-12: Values Training- Boys left home and got basic education.

Ages 12-18: Physical Training- Boys developed physical skills through exercise.

Ages 18-20: Military Training- Men learned how to fight as part as an army.

Ages 20-30: Military Service- Soldiers formed the body of Spartan army.

Age 30: Full Citizenship- Soldiers could participate in the assembly and move back home.