Fabulous Friday Facts

August 12th

Important Dates:

Monday 15: District Professional Development (Job specific trainings and other trainings, sign up for them in ESS), Time on your own otherwise

Tuesday 16: 8:30 South campus staff meeting (Agenda will be emailed later), 10:00 South Campus Para meeting, Crew Planning as team and time on your own, 2:30 share out of crew and PBL's from grade levels and forced fun, 7:00pm Kindergarten Orientation

Wednesday 17: 3:00-5:00 Open House, 5:30 Ice Cream social (Intro staff)

Thursday 18: Students first day (All staff on duty)

Friday 19:


Welcome to...

Meredith Sexton 3rd grade job share (Sorry we forgot you last time)

Dawn Voth 5th Grade teacher

Donna Fitzgerald Special Education Teacher at South Campus

Jennifer "Gigi" Ryner 1/2 Kindergarten Teacher

Thank you for two great days of professional development already. It is so exciting to see what this year will bring!

Send us more!! Here is the link.

Character Traits


Problem solver/Critical Thinker

Honest/ Trustworthy/ Integrity




Tuesday Guiding Questions

Tuesday at 2:30 each grade will have 7 min to present the following questions. If you have any questions please let us know.

Purpose: Build a K-8 community through communication and transparency about crew and expeditions

With your team answer these questions:

What will the first few weeks of crew look like?

Are their mentor texts that you envision using? What are they?

What structure ideas does your grade level like?

What are you excited about doing in crew?

What are two initiatives (games/ice breakers) you may use with students?

What will be your first expedition (PBL)? What is the unit it relates to? What outside resources are you utilizing?

Culture of Quality

At the September 28th staff meeting we will be doing a crew around the book Culture of Quality. You all should have received a copy of this, if you don't have one please let Cara or Wendy know and they will get you one.

Feedback on Jeffco's Curriculum

One of the goals for creating multiple entry points for the Jeffco Curriculum is to include as many voices in the process as possible. It is with this goal in mind that a virtual forum for collecting feedback on Jeffco’s curriculum has been created. All Jeffco employees with access to Jeffco Google Apps are invited to share their thoughts and expertise in order to propel this work forward. You will need to login into iBOSS to participate in this Feedback on Jeffco's Curriculum Through a Virtual Forum. Interested principals, teachers, and support staff will be able to access this link between August 9 and August 18. Please partner with Curriculum and Instruction to ensure that you and your teachers are able to influence this work from its inception.

If you are having trouble accessing the embedded video clips in the Google Form, please contact the Service Desk at 2-2200.

Rostering in Think Central

The math department with IT is in the process of Rostering students in Think Central. This will be an continuous nightly process as we move throughout the year. We are working to determine an exact date when Think Central will be ready and more information will be communicated as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have on you or your teachers. We know you are eager to get Think Central up and running, however we ask for your patience at this time.

Reminder from Transportation about Field Trips

As a reminder, mid-day filed trips need to be between 9:00 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. The field trip participants must be back to school by 1:45 p.m., not leaving the venue, so that bus drivers can make it to their afternoon routes on time.

Starting the Year with Math Expressions!

Hello! Welcome to the new school year! As you begin planning for

the powerful instruction you’ll provide to support mathematical thinking and problem solving in your room, we wanted to remind you of some important resource items you should start accessing right away. This information will support you as you discover, or rediscover, Math Expressions as a resource in your classroom!

Click here for Getting Started Guide!

Pencil Sharpeners

If for some reason your pencil sharpener breaks please do not throw it away! they have a 10 year warranty. PTA will help you replace it!