New York

The Empire State

Meet Willis

Willis wanted to visit New York, but when he heard about how mainstream it is, he immediately canceled his trip, burned his plane tickets, and had to watch all 4 seasons of Portlandia in one sitting just to gain his hipster credit back.

Willis is only one example of New York's new tourism problem. New York has become too mainstream for modern travelers. Everyone has seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty, so why go there for real? The Empire State Building was in a Jay-Z song. No one even tries to get on the Today Show any more. New York is in a crisis.

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There is a simple solution. It's time to promote New York City's hidden gems.

Arts & Architectur Biking Tour

Thursday, Jan. 1st, 9am to Thursday, Dec. 31st, 7pm

Central Park, New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

See the art and architecture of Central Park all from the comfort of your bicycle. When you show photos of you at the park with your bike, everyone will think that your environmentally sensible and hip.

Diarrhea Planet at the Bowery Ballroom

Saturday, April 4th, 8pm

6 Delancey Street

New York, NY

These guys are Willis's favorite band, you probably haven't heard of them

Amour Fou at the Film Forum

Wednesday, March 18th, 7:45pm to Tuesday, March 24th, 7:45pm

The Film Forum, New York

This movie is (probably) so deep


There can be much more! Still looking to indulge your hipster side? Try these places:


  • Marlow & Sons - So hipster there aren't ingredients on the menu
  • Five Leaves - They don't allow reservations. Do you feel like Anthony Bourdain?
  • Dimes - Its in lower lower Manhattan. So deep, so deep


  • Leadbelly - You have to be in the know to know about this place, you know?
  • St. Maize - They play street jazz and have balconies. Pretend you're in a movie
  • The Levee - It's cheap, it's open late. What's more to want?


  • Brooklyn Flea - Unique (and by that we mean the same as every other hipster) in every way
  • Beacons Closet - Bring unwanted clothes and receive 55% off your purchases
  • Dalaga - For Women AND under $100


1. Taylor Swift - Welcome to New York [1989 Deluxe]