Burton's Bulletin

December 5, 2014

Loving Learning

Holidays Around the World

This week we prepped to travel and we visited England and The Netherlands. We even took a side trip to China! We made poppers and Christmas cards like the children in England. We made paper clogs and filled them with hay and carrots like the children in The Netherlands.

Next week we will visit Germany, Kenya, Australia, France, and Sweden. We will discuss transportation, continents, and cardinal directions along the way.


I can solve two question problems.

I can make 10 to add.

I can make 10 to add 9.

I can make 10 to add 8.

I can add three numbers.


We will write information about each country we visit. We will also write a post card each day to describe something interesting or fun about the trip.


There will not be a homework packet or new spelling words. Here are some suggested words to practice.

Spelling Words: Christmas, holiday, passport, travel, airplane, north, south, east, west, compass

Sight Words: where, under, house, behind, look, they, this, going, with, them, than

Library Books

Please read with your child each night and send library books back every day. Students should be taking around 3 AR tests a week. Many have not had a test in a few weeks. Read, read, read! Log those pages on your reading log.

Special Class

Monday: Music

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

Box Tops

Don't forget to save your box tops and send them to school! It is such an easy way to raise money for our school. Box top collection helps pay for everyone in the school to get a yearbook free of charge!
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Important Dates


10-Early Release 1:15

17-Sonic Night

19-Winter Parties and Early Release 1:15

20-Jan 4 Winter Break