Arrington Middle School

Critical Friends Visit

We Enter to Learn, We Leave to Achieve!

In order to meet the needs of our student body, individual students, families, as well as our faculty and staff, Arrington Middle School has a focus on continuous improvement. Your reputation for being committed to setting high standards for parents, students, teachers, and administrators is well documented; therefore, we are extending an invitation for your participation in our Continuous Improvement Process.

Critical Friends Visit

Friday, Dec. 12th, 9am

2101 Jefferson Ave SW

Birmingham, AL

Our Instructional Rounds are scheduled for Friday December 12th at 9:00 a.m..We are asking for your participation with data collection/reports, classroom observations, and assessments of the school climate and culture. Finally, you will report findings to the Building Leadership Team.

Teaching & Learning

Schools are the conscious embodiment of the way we want our next generation to understand their world and their place in it. It calls upon our most critical faculties to sort out what that message ought to be and how the teachers who represent the public in this enterprise can embody such ideals. If mutual respect is the bedrock condition necessary for a healthy democracy, then it must be the foundation of schooling.

-Deborah Meier, The Power of Their Ideas