Not 'Death by Powerpoint'

What Is Nearpod?

Nearpod is a great tool for the BYOD classroom! It allows you to create interactive multimedia Nearpod Presentations (NPPs) to be shared with students on their mobile devices, meaning that teachers/presenters don't have to use a projector to display it. Or you can download NPPs that other creators have shared publicly, then use them with your own students.

Teachers can upload a Powerpoint, then add interactive slides with polls, open-ended questions, quizzes, Draw-its, and videos in between the informational slides to keep students engaged in the activity and accountable for the content being presented.

The teacher controls the pace of the lesson so that students receive the content and participate in the interactive content as a whole group.

Every time a student responds to an interactive activity, the teacher receives immediate feedback. These interactive slides keep you informed in real-time about which students are 'getting it' and which ones are getting left behind.

Student responses can be shared anonymously over all devices to show examples of both correct and incorrect responses, making the most of those 'teachable moments'.

There are various account levels with different features. The FREE 'Silver' account gives you 50 MB of storage space. If you don't want to pay to upgrade, you will need to delete old NPPs to make room for new ones.

Classroom Use Ideas

  • Math- Students use the Draw It feature to work math problems. Teacher uses the "Share" feature for class discussion on problems worked correctly and incorrectly.
  • Science- Students watch experiments in video format, then use the Draw It feature to make observations. Teacher uses Share feature to discuss various drawings.
  • SS- Teacher pushes current event videos to students. Students take a quiz via Nearpod. Also, teacher uses Draw It feature for labeling maps, drawings, etc.
  • ELA- Students use the Draw It feature to circle, underline, etc. the parts of the introduction: topic sentence, lead, thesis sentence, etc.

Two Parts to Nearpod

1) The Website is the Content Tool dashboard, where you can create Nearpod presentations (NPPs), engage students by launching NPPs you've already created, and assess results on NPPs you've presented to students.

2) The App

This needs to be downloaded onto both the students' mobile devices and the teacher's, if you plan to launch and run NPPs while moving around the room. Students can either use the app to participate, or they can join a NPP via the website by entering the same code as app users.

When the teacher launches a NPP, a 5-digit code will be given that participants use to join the presentation. Students either enter this code when prompted on the app or via the website.

IMPORTANT: As of the posting of this website (2/14/14), there is no 'back' button to get to your Nearpod Content Tool dashboard once you've launched a NPP via the web. If you need to go back to the dashboard, you will need to reenter the web address to get there. You should still be logged in--at least, it works that way for me. I've notified the Nearpod helpdesk of this issue, and hopefully they will correct it soon.

How Does It Work?

Account Levels

Creating a Nearpod Presentation (NPP)

Want to Learn More?

Snapguide link on creating NPPs

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