The Missing Girl

Terri Hall

Summary and Powerful Part

The Missing Girl is about a family that is low on money. Every time they would walk to the park, there would be this guy observing them. Because they were low on money, they were going to send one of their daughters to their Aunt who lives far away. Autumn, one of the daughters, was walking one day because she was sad about her sister Stevie leaving. She got lost and asked a man for directions home. It just so had happened that the guy she asked was the guy who would watch them at the park and other places. He took her in the house so they could "look at the map for directions home" because he didn't know they way she was supposed to go. He kept her inside a small, tiny room for a couple days until she escaped through the window. She made it home by a kind lady who had saw her limping down the streets. When she got home, the family welcomed her and called the police. She had two broken ribs and other injuries since she escaped by sliding down the roof of the house. Stevie ended up not going to the Aunt's house because of this tragedy.

I would say that the powerful part of this story would have to be when Autumn escapes. I find this powerful because at the beginning of the story, she was crying because of what had happened to her, but at the end, she became brave and escaped.