Using Smore

for "delicious" Communication

Create newsletters, invitations, guides, tutorials, and more!

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Benefits of using Smore

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Customize theme, background, color, and font

  • Include different types of media - pictures, video, audio

  • Dynamic and changeable

  • Professional-looking presentation tool

  • Share with others through a link, printing, or embedding

  • Change flyer settings - disable comments and related flyers

Integration ideas

  1. Research pathfinder - direct others to relevant information
  2. Biography research report
  3. Professional development tutorials
  4. Class newsletters
  5. Monthly newsletters
  6. Intro to a curriculum unit or lesson
  7. Showcase student projects
  8. Announcement flyers for events, clubs, sales, or fundraisers
  9. Presenting the pros or cons of an issue
  10. Travel brochure for state/country research
  11. Book report
  12. Flipped classroom

Tips to consider

  • Add content first and then customize the appearance.

  • Pull in saved images from trusted sources like DISCUS, World Book Online, Discovery Education, etc.

need more ideas?

Kristen Lawson

Library Media Specialist at Chapin Elementary