Calendar featuring upcoming deadlines, information, and spirit days!

Thank you for an incredible week!

This week was truly incredible. Theatre students and teachers struggled this week in distance learning, yet had something to look forward to throughout the week. Spending time with your children, and watching them light up as they enter RRHS has truly been a highlight in my educational career. Thank you for choosing to do this unique program!

Throughout the week, students began to become familiar with their scripts. Over the last 3 days, students learned the first few numbers in the show, and began discovering characters, songs, and dances! Immediately, Miss Ann reminded everyone that we are ONE CAST now and that we seek to build community and unity among one another!

By Day 2, this message rang clearly, a community was born. We can't wait to see where this journey takes us as a company!

TUESDAY: Spirit Day - Favorite Super Hero Day

THURSDAY: School Pride - Let us know where you go to school!

SATURDAY: Show Shirt Day!


We don't want to bombard you with emails, as we know there is a lot of information coming to you! So we will publish the newsletter once a week until tech week. During tech week we will publish the newsletter every day. Any critical announcements we will send to you through our REMIND app.


We have set up a "REMIND" group for Descendants. There were a few times in the summer where we needed to send out urgent, quick reminders, and this will do that. Your phone numbers will remind private, but you will receive a text message from us directly to your phone regarding critical updates. We will still be using 'Smore, however, REMIND will be used for critical reminders or updates.

Please join our REMIND group by texting the number 81010 the join code: @rrpabbfall


A NOTE ABOUT DROP OFF: In an effort to maximize student's rehearsal time we are allowing pick-up to occur starting 15 minutes prior to the start time:

5:45 - 6:00 on T, Th

8:45 - 9:00 on Sat

If you are late, Ms. Katie or I will walk out to your car to check in your child.

A NOTE ABOUT PICK-UP: We saw on Thursday Night that there was a long line. We apologize! We changed the way we did pick-up on Saturday and things were much smoother. The key is to pull all the way up to Miss Katie so we can do 6 cars at a time, instead of 3.


Students can practice their choreography from home! Here is our choreography video play list for the students.



After a student has learned the blocking and choreography, they should immediately start trying to be off-book. The next time we run that scene, we would like the students to try it without scripts in hand.


Need to practice your vocals at home? Ms. Lauren has recorded rehearsal tracks for the songs with each voice part highlighted. Encourage your students to practice them on their own as well! They will need to review the music every night and this weekend as well in order to be confident and feel successful.

HERE ARE TRACKS - tracks will be loaded throughout the next 4 weeks.


Please ONLY download the guide vocals. The performance tracks can only be downloaded once and must be on the computer we use!


Students were sent home with their name badges. Please make sure they are placed in their bins each night so that they come with them to the school. This is critical for the safety of our students.


Please make sure that your child has Jazz Shoes ready to go for the first day of Camp! We highly recommend you buy these early. While we will be providing a costume for every student, we do not provide shoes. Please visit Amazon and type in "JAZZ SHOE". Please get them in black. If you have them in tan already, that is ok, but we prefer black for this production.


If you would like to learn more about our staff, we've created a staff page for you! Get to know our staff and where they come from when your children come home talking about them!


We know we send out a lot of information, but please do your best to read the emails and participate fully. If you are experiencing challenges with our communication platform, please email me directly and we can try to help.

Our phone number is: 703-596-2522 Text of Call!