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August 25, 2023

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Hello from the PCHS Admin Team!

PCHS Community,

It's here! We are so looking forward to welcoming our students to school on Monday morning! Our priority on Monday: Connectedness. We want every student to walk into our building on Monday and immediately feel welcomed, seen, and connected to one another, our building, and their teachers. We know this is foundational to learning, safety, and a healthy school climate, and we look forward to making it happen. Thank you for entrusting us with your children. We do not take this lightly, and we can't wait to support them across an awesome school year.

Please read below to ensure readiness to dive in next week!

Have a great weekend, and go Pirates!

Julia McBride, Principal

Frank McMurray, Assistant Principal

Sandy Buczek, Dean of Academic Support

Class Schedules - Check Again Sunday!

Please make a point of reviewing your student's schedule with them again on Sunday evening via MiStar. In particular, we have had a sizable number of new enrollments in our 9th grade class over the last few weeks! This is a great problem to have and has also required adding a section of US History to our master schedule. It is possible your student's schedule will have changed slightly as counselors work to balance class sizes. Thank you for your understanding, and WELCOME to our new Pirates!

Attention, Seniors!

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First Day of School Schedule

Please see the image below for the first day of school schedule, which is a half day.

Please note: 9th graders WILL NOT follow the schedule below on the first day of school! Instead, they will engage in a freshmen orientation experience led by our Link Crew Leaders. What is Link Crew? Similar to WEB Leaders at Pathfinder, Link Crew is a high school orientation and transition program where upperclassmen are trained to support our 9th graders' into and through a successful first year here at PCHS. We know that students are much more likely to graduate on time if they start strong in 9th grade!

Orientation will begin at 7:30am in the PCHS Gym. Before 7:30am, 9th graders are to gather in the Commons. :)

If you'd like to learn more about Link Crew and its purpose, there is a great video here: https://www.boomerangproject.com/transition-programs/link-crew

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Did You Miss Registration on Thursday, August 17?

For students unable to attend the August 17 Registration, here are the next steps:

Access Class Schedule Digitally in MiStar

Students' schedules and locker assignments are viewable in MiStar.

School Pictures Make-Up Day

Any student who did not get their picture taken during registration will need to do so on our make-up picture day, Tuesday, August 29, which is our first full day of school. Students will be called down to have their picture taken in the Auditorium and will leave with a new student ID for this school year. Picture orders can be made at www.kaiserstudio.com with the School ID Code: 2324PINCKHS

Still Need to Order Class Shirts, Senior Package, or Parking Permit?

Open the registration order forms document below for a one-stop-shop!

Semester 1 Lunch Assignments

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Can I Change My Schedule?

Please review the image below with your student so you have a clear picture of what constitutes a legitimate course request. It's no fun for counselors to have to say "no." They want to help you! But they cannot change your schedule because you want a different lunch or because you want to be in a class with friends. We know students, especially 9th graders, can feel anxious about the start of the school year and having someone to sit with at lunch or friends in their classes. Encourage and reassure your student that they will be ok and they will make friends!
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MiStar Gradebook @ PCHS - What to Expect

At PCHS, we value creating a predictable environment for our students, staff, and families so that the focus can be on learning and collaboratively supporting student success over navigating varying expectations. We apply this commitment to predictability to how we as a staff set up and use the MiStar Gradebook.

Here are a few things you can count on about your student's MiStar Gradebook:

  1. If an assignment is RED, it means it is missing.
  2. You and your student will be able to see both their percentage and letter grade in each course.
  3. Assignments, tests, & quizzes will be graded and input into MiStar within 5 days.
  4. Projects and essays will be graded and input into MiStar within 10 days.
  5. Common language will be used in assignment detail to log any accommodations provided for a student on an assignment in alignment with their IEP or 504, if applicable.

NWEA MAP Growth Assessment @ PCHS

Students in grades 9-11 will take the NWEA MAP Growth assessment this year in both reading and math. The results provide teachers with information to help guide appropriate instruction for each student’s academic growth. It also provides you a snapshot of your child’s growth over time. It is important to know the NWEA scores are just one data point about student learning. Teachers continuously use classroom assessments and tools to dig deeper with student learning and inform instructional plans.

Below is additional information about the assessment.

What does MAP Growth measure?

MAP Growth measures what students know and what they don’t know, regardless of their grade level in math and reading. This helps teachers adjust their instruction for each student. It also measures growth over time, allowing you to track your student’s progress throughout the school year and across multiple years.

Can MAP Growth tell me if my student is working at grade level?

MAP Growth scores are just one data point that teachers use to determine how a child is performing. MAP Growth measures if a student is performing similar to their peers (nationwide). The MAP Growth assessment is not used for any part of a student’s grade.

Is MAP Growth a standardized test?

MAP Growth is administered periodically during the school year (fall, winter, spring). Instead of asking all students the same questions, it is computer adaptive, adjusting to each child’s performance—giving a more accurate measure of what they know and what they are ready to learn. Teachers also receive results right away, which enables them to react more quickly.

What information will I receive from my student’s school?

Students will receive a copy of their Student Profile Report, which contains information and scores from your student’s most recent and past MAP Growth tests.

Additional information for families can be found here:

Family Toolkit: Resources for Parents

MAP Growth Video for Parents

NWEA MAP Common Questions for Families

A Family Guide to MAP Growth

2023-24 PCHS Bell Schedules

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Upcoming Events & Important Dates

  • Monday, August 28: First Day of 2023-24 School Year - 1/2 Day - 7:30-10:55am (Freshmen Orientation Day!)
  • Tuesday, August 29: Make-Up Picture Day
  • Friday, September 1: No School - Labor Day Weekend
  • Monday, September 4: No School - Labor Day
  • Wednesday, September 13 from 6:30-8:00pm: PCHS Open House ("drop-in" format to meet teachers, see classrooms, and learn about courses your student is taking)
  • Thursday, September 14 at 7pm: National Honor Society Induction
  • Friday, September 29: Homecoming Parade & Football Game vs. Ypsi
  • Saturday, September 30: Homecoming Dance
  • Wednesday, October 11: Powderpuff Football Game

District-Wide Calendars: https://www.pinckneypirates.org/page/calendars

Pirate Athletics

Get your tickets to any and all games here! Season passes can also be purchased here.


Follow along for all athletic tryouts, registration, schedules, and updates at https://pinckneypiratesathletics.com/

Looking for Pirate Athletics gear?


Counselors' Corner

In this area, you will find relevant opportunities for building your college and career awareness and ensuring you have access to all of the information necessary to make your post-secondary plans a reality!

If you have any questions please let your counselor know:

Ms. Amy Robinson (Last names A-Le) - arobinson@pinckneypirates.org

Ms. Nicole Braun (Last names Lf- Z) - nbraun@pinckneypirates.org

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The Pirate Closet, coordinated by the PCHS Counseling Team, accepts donations of and offers gently used clothing in a range of sizes for teenagers and/or food items such as canned goods, dry goods, and things that store well. Deodorant, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are also welcome and accessible. All donations should be brought to the Counseling Office as soon as registration days and running across the school year. Any student or PCHS family in need can visit the Counseling Office to seek access to the Pirate Closet or email your student's counselor directly. Requests will be kept confidential.

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Local Opportunities

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Local Employment Opportunities

Pinckney Community Schools!


If you know someone who would thrive in a small learning community environment focused on student connection, empowerment, and preparedness for life beyond high school, send them our way! In particular, here at PCHS we are currently looking for 2 Special Ed Aides, football coaching staff, and an ELA/Psychology teacher.

PCHS on Social Media

If you don't already, follow us on:

  • Twitter at @PinckneyHigh
  • Instagram at @pinckneyhighschool
  • Facebook at Pinckney Community High School.

We do our best to use these platforms for important announcements, newsworthy events, and fun things that keep parents and students connected to PCHS.

Managerial Reminders

  • Full-Day Schedule: 7:30am-2:30pm
  • Half-Day Schedule: 7:30am-10:55am
  • Friday Early Release Schedule: 7:30am-1:09pm
  • PCHS is a closed campus. Only those approved to leave the building (i.e. for CTE, Dual Enrollment, Co-Op) may exit the building during school hours, and only through the South entrance. This is in service of ensuring all students are safely where they should be!
  • If running late to school, students need to park in the Main Entrance lot (South side) in order to sign in at the Main Office. The North doors will be locked after 7:45am.
  • Students are required to have a parking pass if parking in the PCHS lot during the school day. Make sure you've paid for your pass in the Main Office!
  • PCS Transportation Code of Conduct
  • Have a tech issue? Submit a helpdesk ticket at: helpdesk.pinckneypirates.org
  • Attendance Hotline: 810-225-5510 / hs-attendance@pinckneypirates.org

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