Our Smore Presentation

BY: Michelle Paoluccio & Hannah Van Dusen

Who would this website be good for?

  • This website would be good for anyone who wants to get a word out. Specifically; businesses, parties and any type of advertising.

What do you like best about the site?

  • There are many good things about this site. A component good about this site is you can make your flyer as original or assisted as you want. For instance, you can start your flyer blank or by a specific template according to your reason for the flyer. Also, in the making of the flyer itself you can personalize it however you want by creating a title, subtitles, pieces of text, images, links, videos, audio, etc. You can edit your flyer by changing colors and different backgrounds. You can also save your flyer within your computer on to websites, folders, wherever you need. However, you can also print.

Why would someone want to use this website?

  • Someone would want to use this website for advertising an event, businesses, class projects, and pretty much any upcoming or general events.

Explain a time you would use this website.

  • A specific example that would apply to this website could be having a community carnival. You can use the event template, or blank, to start. Than when you are all done with the flyer you can either save and post it on a community blog, website, or wherever. Or, you can print out some and put them in mailboxes, on a community bulletin board, or wherever you need.

Was this website hard to learn? Why or why not?

  • This website is not hard to learn because it tells you step by step directions on your first time making a flyer. At the bottom of the home screen, it says “Take the tour” and shows you how to make a flyer with the website. Also, if you find yourself needing more help there is a help tab with more directions. Finally, if you have specific questions, you can type and send your specific question within the help tab if you click “support.”

What are the pros and cons of this website?

  • Some pros of this website is it’s free to sign up, you can customize your flyer however you want, it’s easy to use, and you can share it however you want. On the other hand, some cons of this website are that you have to sign up and possibly pay for an extended membership for more benefits. For example, you only get 5 flyer credits and have to pay for more credits. Also, you get 200 email credits to start and every month they give you another 200 email credits. Another con is that you can not see other users or their work on Smore.

Pretzel Day

Thursday, April 3rd, 1:45pm

Your 7th Period Classroom


One Pretzel = $1.00

One Water Bottle = $1.00

*Day Of Order (Late Order)*

One Pretzel = $1.50

One Water Bottle = $1.50