Traditional Energy Resource

Tristan Duarte and Salem Choquette


Coal is produced by organic matter from years ago that are heated and compressed. This is normally produced by peat. Coal is found deep within the crust of the Earth.


Coal is used in many different ways, such as for transportation, steel production, heating, and also heating.


There are many advantages for coal over other resources. These advantages are such as, coal lasts longer and also coal gives off more power than most resources.


There are a few disadvantages of coal, like black-lung disease. Also, acid rain can occur from the mine drainage

Black Mesa Peabody coal controversy

Controversy arose from an unusually generous mineral lease agreement negotiated under questionable circumstances between the Tribes and Peabody Energy, the coal company's use and degradation of a potable source of water to transport coal via a pipeline from the mine to a power plant hundreds of miles away, and the public health and environmental impacts of strip mining on tribal lands.