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June 2020 / Volume 11

Nova Blanche Forman Elementary School

Russell Schwartz - Principal

Janet Calamaro - Assistant Principal

Summer is here!

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Nova Blanche Forman Families,

We did it! Entering the summer break is always a bittersweet time for me as a principal. It is a time to celebrate the year while sending off our 5th graders to middle school. Many summers we experience change with some of our educators moving on to new experiences and some families doing the same. I typically really dread the summer because I truly miss our students and educators during that time. The hallways and classrooms are quiet and eerie. I worry about our students and just count the days until they can return to our school.

I am dreading this summer just like all the others previous. However, being where we have been and where we are with the pandemic, I am hoping that this time allows the virus to run its course and provide us with a healthier environment to return to in August. Granted we really do not know the details about returning just yet, however, the summer is an opportunity for the great minds in science to continue developing ways to keep us all safe and healthy. The time will come to return to what we know as normal schooling. At that time, we will be SO ready! I will be SO ready!

I want to thank our families, students, and educators for rising to the challenges that this year brought. Like I said throughout, it wasn’t a perfect situation and we made mistakes and could have done better at times. It was the ultimate learning process for all of us. In the end, we made the best lemonade that we could have made when we were provided some pretty rotten lemons just hours before having to serve it. Our students managed to continue learning in a remote environment that our educators created and facilitated. It was an honor to see everyone come together to make it work. And I just have to say, Nova Blanche Forman honestly has the greatest educators anywhere!!! Thank you.

Also, thank you to our PTA, 5th Grade Committee, and Volunteers. They adapted to change after change while still maintaining a focus on student experience. They are such a loving, giving group of people who we value at Nova Blanche Forman. We wouldn’t be the school that we are without their dedication to our students. As for our 5th graders moving on to middle school, keep making us proud! You are a special group of students who will help change the world! I look forward to a time soon that you can come visit your elementary school so that we could give you a hug, high-five, or handshake!

Next, I want to provide some reminders as we move into the summer and prepare for the 2020-21 school year. First, please give it to mid-June to receive any reimbursements that you are anticipating. They have all been processed and are on the way. Keep checking your statements and/or mailboxes. Second, if you have a change of address, phone number, or email address let our office know ASAP. Our office is open throughout the summer Monday-Thursday. Lastly, the first day of the new school year is August 19th. Stay tuned to Broward Schools messages and ours as we learn how things will look.

Last, but not least, I am proud to be included with a faculty/staff that does not believe in racism. We at Nova Blanche Forman believe in equal treatment and equal opportunity. We welcome and love our students and families all the same. As many of these issues finally are rising to the attention of our country, I personally commit myself to making sure all voices are heard. I commit to growing my own understanding while also seeking professional/personal development opportunities for our faculty and staff. I commit to not just being someone who is non-racist but someone who lives and breathes anti-racism. We, as a school, provide the foundational levels for life and we can and will make a difference.

Thank you! Have a wonderful and safe summer.


Mr. Russ Schwartz, Principal

Nova Blanche Forman Elementary

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Hello families,

I want to wish everyone a calming, relaxing summer. This has been such an interesting school year, which has revealed the resiliency in all of us! Stay safe this summer and I hope to see you all next school year!

Here are submissions for the virtual Kindness Wall so far: Virtual Kindness Wall.

Feel free to continue sending throughout the summer: You Uplift Submission Form

Here is a resource available for families who need food assistance. This site allows you to put in your zip code and find resources near you. The hours are included on the site, however I recommend calling before going. www.auntbertha.com

I have been recording a read aloud and motivational videos for students on YouTube. I chose a few Social Emotional books that were relevant for what is going on now...and will continue to upload new reads throughout the summer! You can access them here: Ms. James' YouTube.

"Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I will miss you until we meet again"- Unknown
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Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic our 2020-2021 registration is being done online in the hopes of keeping everyone safe.

For further information please email: sandra.cooper@browardschools.com

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The last day for ordering spring pictures is June 5th!

The link to place your spring picture order is:


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Creativity Isn't Cancelled!

Broward County Public Schools Visual Arts Department has created a virtual exhibit highlighting the work that music, visual arts, and drama students have created since on-line learning began. The link to the exhibit is posted in your Art Canvas Course.


Nova Blanche Forman Elementary artists have been busy this year! Here are some of the artists who have been recognized in county-wide exhibits.

Superintendent’s Gallery Exhibit, KC Wright Building

Layla Leon, Grade 5

Broward County Public Schools, Youth Art Month Exhibit, KC Wright Building

Parissa Osorio, Weaving, Grade 3

Khilee Farmer, Painting, Grade 1

Town of Davie “DROP SAVER” Poster Contest

Penelope Levitt, Grade 3

Achellyne Poliard, Grade 1

Broward County Public Schools “CREATIVITY ISN’T CANCELLED” Virtual Exhibit

Santiago Moreno Siso, Landscape, Grade 3

Anabia Anwar, Mask, Grade 4

Leonardo Acosta Patto, Mask, Grade 1

Darrell Hester, Playground Design, Grade 1

Jessika Anderson-Balch, Playground Design, Grade 1

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Dear Parent or Guardian:

In accordance with Florida law, we are providing you with your child’s school financial report. The figures in this report represent the revenues and the expenditures allocated to the school, both in total and per FTE (full-time equivalent) student. This data is compared to the rest of the schools in the district and the state. The purpose of this report is to inform parents of the resources that were available to the school during the 2018-19 school year.

Estimado(a) padre/madre o tutor(a):

De acuerdo con la ley del estado de la Florida, le proporcionamos este informe del estado financiero de la escuela a la que asiste su hijo(a). Las cifras aquí presentadas reflejan la actividad de ingresos y gastos de la escuela, calculados en su totalidad y por el equivalente de un(a) estudiante que asiste a la escuela a tiempo completo. El propósito de este reporte es informarle de los recursos disponibles en su escuela durante el curso escolar 2018-19.

Chè Paran oubyen Gadyen:

Daprè lwa Florid la, n ap ofri ou rapò finans lekòl pitit ou a. Chif yo nan rapò sa a reprezante revni e depans yo pèmèt lekòl la toude nan total FTE (egal ekivalans pou elèv an plen tan). Dokiman sa a konpare ak rès lekòl nan distri a e eta a. Rezon pou rapò sa a se pou enfòme paran yo resous ki te disponib pandan ane eskolè 2018 jiska 19.

Explanation of the Financial Data

The report is broken down into 5 main sections.

Revenues – The columnar headings are: (1) REVENUES, which lists four categories of revenue received by the District, (2) SCHOOL revenue and % to total revenue, which lists the school’s revenue in each of the categories, (3) DISTRICT revenue and % to total revenue which lists the District’s total revenue in each of the categories, and (4) STATE revenue and % to total revenue, which lists all of the revenue recorded at the State level for each of the categories. The Total School Revenue is the same as the Total School Cost in the Operating Costs section below, i.e., *School revenue based on costs.

Operating Costs - The columnar headings are: (1) OPERATING COSTS, which lists the eight categories of expenditures required for this report, (2) SCHOOL, which lists the amount spent at the school per FTE in each of the categories, (3) DISTRICT, which lists the amount spent district-wide per FTE in each of the categories, and (4) STATE, which indicates the amount spent state-wide per FTE. Column 5 is TOTAL SCHOOL COST and indicates the actual dollar amount expensed at the specific location in each of the categories.

Operating Costs Notes:

 ** ‘Capital expenditures for new schools are not included’ means that building costs that we coded to Funds 3000-3999 are not included in this report.

 *** ‘Amounts reported for District and State reflect costs for all levels of students’ means that the expenditures listed include K-12, Career Education and Adult students, not just the student types at the specific school report you have received.

District Costs: The amounts above represent only school-level costs. No District-level costs have been included. This means that only expenditures classified as direct and school indirect are included and expenditures classified as district indirect are excluded.

District Costs such as Transportation and Administration for Broward School District Totaled $158,874,125 or $724 per FTE. This is the district’s indirect cost coded to district locations to facilitate operating of the schools.

Additional Detail Information - The columnar headings are: (1) TEACHERS/TEACHER AIDES (Salaries/Benefits), which lists the five main FTE Program expenditure categories, (2) SCHOOL, which lists the amount spent at the school per FTE in each of the categories, (3) DISTRICT, which lists the amount spent district-wide per FTE in each of the categories, and (4) STATE, which indicates the amount spent state-wide per FTE. Column 5 is TOTAL SCHOOL COST and indicates the actual dollar amount expensed at the specific location in each of the categories.

Materials, Supplies, Operating Capital Outlay - The columnar headings are: (1) MATERIALS, SUPPLIES, OPERATING CAPITAL OUTLAY, which lists specific types of expenditures for materials used to educate children. Expenditures are coded to specific object codes within our GL account numbers and the data was derived from these records, i.e., Textbooks are coded to GL 55210000-55290000 (Objects 521-529), Computer Software is coded to GL 5691000 and 56920000 (Objects 691 and 692), Other Instructional Materials includes all GL 55XXXXXX series objects except GL 55210000-55290000 (Objects 521-529), and Other Materials and Supplies includes GL 56410000–56420000 (Objects 641-642), (2) SCHOOL COST, which lists the expenditures at the specific school location, and (3) DISTRICT COST, which lists the expenditures in total for all schools in the district.

Library Media Materials - The columnar headings are: (1) LIBRARY MEDIA MATERIALS, which lists specific types of expenditures for Library Media Materials. Expenditures are coded to Function 6200 and specific object codes. Library Books are coded to GL 56110000–56190000 (Objects 611-619), Audio Visual Materials are coded to GL 56210000–56220000 (Objects 621-622) and Computer Software is coded to GL 56910000–56920000 (Objects 691-692), Other (2) SCHOOL COST, which lists the expenditures at the specific school location, and (3) DISTRICT COST, which lists the expenditures in total for all schools in the district.

Footnotes: Includes Substitutes in the amount of $xxx,xxx for school xxxx and $17,177,743 for the District, indicates total expenditure in functional areas 5701X~X – 5719X~X (functions 5701-5719). All revenue and Operating Costs include: Funds 1000, 1005, 1010, 1015, 1040, 1080 and 4210-4290.

The Program Cost Reports follow the requirements for expenditures in Chapter 5 of the DOE Red Book. Allotment, Encumbrance and Commitment information is excluded. Expenditures coded to Functional Areas 5501X~X - 5504X~X, 5951X~X - 5953X~X and 9101X~X - 9110X~X are excluded. Headstart expenditures are excluded. Listed below are the reasons you will not find a dollar-for-dollar match to your 2018-19 budgets:

 Expenditures are reported in total for the General Fund (Fund 1000, 1005, 1010, 1015, 1040, 1080), Special Revenue Funds (4210-4290).

 Salaries are reported as actual, instead of standard.

 All expenditures are reported by Fund, Function, Object and Location.  All school totals include all expenditures coded to the school location for Prior Year Encumbrance. (Encumbered in 2017-18 but expensed in 2018-19).

 All reference to Activity within the Functional Area code is dropped. Therefore, school totals include all expenditures coded to the school location even if the school was not responsible for maintaining the Activity budget and did not enter the actual coding. Districtwide Activities (70000-79999) are reported as expenditures at the coded location, i.e., Speech Zone, Utilities, Lost and Stolen Property, etc.

 All expenditures are spread back to FEFP Programs on an FTE, Staff or Space basis, depending on the Functional Area to which they are coded.

 General Functional areas 5621X~X, 5651X~X and 5652X~X are spread on an FTE basis to all programs at the school to which the expenditure is coded.

 Residual salary amounts paid for Substitutes and Supplements in Functional Areas 5701X~X - 5719X~X and 5801X~X are spread on a Staff basis to all programs at the school to which the expenditure is coded.

 Certain district-level indirect expenditures are transferred to school-level indirect expenditures via Special Handling per SBE Rule 6A-1.014. These expenditures are spread on an FTE, Staff, or Space basis to programs at all schools who receive benefit of the departmental service. For example, in 2018-19 100% of the expenditures at the Learning Resources Department and 80% of the expenditures at SIU were spread as school expenditures.

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Distance Learning Technical Support Line Now Available

As part of Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) commitment to supporting families and employees engaging in distance learning, the District has established a dedicated technical support line to assist with computer-related issues and needs. The technical support line will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Instead of contacting individual schools for assistance, BCPS parents, students and staff are encouraged to call the technical support line if they have questions or need help with any of the following:

• Operating the computer device

• Fixing a computer device

• Obtaining a computer device

• Using academic platform or programs, such as Canvas, Teams, Office, etc.

BCPS Technical Support Line Call 754-321-0569

Monday through Friday

8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

For curriculum support, families should continue to contact the main phone number of the school the student attends. Mental health support is also available through BCPS Student Services Department by calling 754-321-HELP (4357).


Click on the link below for helpful resources.

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Please read through the Property Pass issued to you for expectations on laptop care and internet use.

Keep in mind that with a loaner device, it’s important students do not place permanent marks such as stickers or writing on the devices.

Online Safety Practices

Since Digital Curriculum and Resources provided by SBBC will be frequently accessed by students during online learning, this is an opportune time to remind everyone of online safety practices. While these systems deliver a huge number of resources to our classrooms, their ability to serve students and teachers depends on the responsible and ethical use of every device and system. Use of the school district’s technology and/or software for any unauthorized purpose is prohibited. This includes the unauthorized use of a computer/technology, including, but not limited to, accessing or breaking into restricted accounts or networks, creating, modifying or destroying files/records without permission, copying software, entering, distributing or printing unauthorized files/records, uploading to the Internet and/or sharing or distributing, offensive or inappropriate material, including video, and any other misuse or violation of the School Board of Broward County Technology-Acceptable Use Policy 5306, Section 6.

For more helpful tips navigating social media, see the link below: http://socialmediaguidelines.pbworks.com/w/page/17050879/FrontPage

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For updated information regarding 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit www.floridahealth.gov or www.cdc.gov. If you are concerned that you have been exposed to 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please call the Florida Department of Health in Broward County at 954-412-7300.

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Florida Blue has licensed clinicians available to speak to anyone in Florida free of charge in both English and Spanish, including those who do not have insurance or have coverage with another health plan. The emotional support line can be reached at 833-848-1762.
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The School Board of Broward County, Florida, prohibits any policy or procedure which results in discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. The School Board also provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Individuals who wish to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint may call the Director, Equal Educational Opportunities/ADA Compliance Department & District’s Equity Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator at 754-321- 2150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.