Elsie Class News

November 11th-November 15th

Math Night

This Thursday evening, 4th grade will be holding a math workshop in the Brownsville Library. We would like to take this time to inform parents on the math procedures your children will be learning for multiplication. It is very important to us that your child learns math in a conceptual way, not just a procedure to "get them through it." We hope you are able to find time in your busy schedules to meet with us.

What's up this week?

  • TFK magazine test Wednesday
  • Math Night Thursday
  • NO Word Stem this Week
  • New Word Study this week: everyone is doing a homophone review!


Next Thursday will be the annual 4th grade music program. There is one performance at 1:20 and a performance at 6:00 pm. If your child WILL NOT be able to attend the evening performance, please let me know.