Morning Notes

Thursday 15 October, 2015

Student Council Elections

Please note that there is an additional candidate for president. If candidates need any support with their campaign or in preparing speeches for Friday 23, please see Ms Fritz or any other staff member. Good luck to all the candidates!


Rachel Green

Alex Grew

Kit Moynihan

Kieran Schmidt- Das

Scott Warner

Vice President

Eric Och

Cosmo Vollauschek


Isaac Benigson

Marella Berni

Ellery Cordes

Alexia Warner


Reigh Boss

Darrien Chebator

Halloween Catwalk!

Come to school in a Halloween Costume. You can also take part in a catwalk at lunch in the Stern Hall. The catwalk will be at 1305. It will cost £1 to take part and money will go to charity.

In the Stern Hall there will also be a photo booth, games and food for sale (50p).

Sign up for taking part in the catwalk in the Hub. There will be a clipboard with a sign up form. Prizes for the best costumes!

Any questions please ask Siri, Sabrina, Martina in Grade 8.

Today will become Monday

Today, we will again follow a Monday schedule. Please note the following:

  • Grade 10 Drama periods 5 and 6 moves to the Hub
  • Off campus will follow the Thursday schedule - Grade 10 has off campus
  • Thursday Mother Tongue lunchtime lessons will take place as usual in the normal rooms
  • Lunchtime activities will follow the Monday schedule. There is one room change for lunchtime activities - Language Club moves from F01 to F02
  • After school activities follow the Thursday schedule: Homework Club in the Hub, Art Club in S02, MUN Club in T02 and mixed football

If you have any questions, please see Ms Fritz.

Student Council - Moved to Friday, B01, 1245 - 1320

Students in Grades 8 - 10 may have early lunch in order to attend council meeting.

SA / CAS Information

Advisors, please go to the website below and try out the site. This is an excellent site where students can put in their post codes and see volunteering opportunities. If you need help, please see Ms Watson.


Lunch Clubs

MUN: T01

Drama: T02

Language Club: F02

Learning Space: B01

Hyde Park

Please sign up to go to Hyde Park at 1250, leaving from the Hub.

Off Campus

Grades 10 and 11.

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option One

Jacket potato with beans and cheese GF

Main Dish Option Two

Falafel burgers with salad in pitta bread with yoghurt dressing


Cream cheese and tomato bagel

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Three bean salad

Greek pasta salad

Sweet potato salad


Seasonal fruits

Catering Feedback

Please let us know your feedback here.