News from the LLC

Student Tech Team

Hip Hip Hurray! Student tech team has started helping out with our laptops, ipads, and the computer lab. Fourth and fifth graders have generously signed up to help in the morning and again in the afternoons which has been a great help. They are hard at working making sure items are plugged in to charge at night and are in their proper place for the next set of students. In the mornings they are signing on the computers in the lab and getting devices ready for delivery/pickups.

Please make sure that you and your students help student tech team by returning items to their proper carts when you are finished using them. If an item is not working fill out a help desk ticket, do not just leave the items on the top of the cart.

Take the time to teach your students to shut down and wait until the screen is black before closing the laptops. When laptops are returned to the carts they need to be plugged in to charge. If they have not been shut down properly they will not charge and we will continue to have tech issues. Many of our issues are due to improper shut downs.

Be sure to take the corresponding number of the device that you have signed up for. If you are missing either a laptop or an ipad that you should have, first see if it is under repair (it will be noted on the cart). If you decide to take a different device to replace it make sure the item you are taking is not already signed out.