Great educational experience

with age appropriate curriculum.

Keystone Daycare & Home Preschool offering quality, a fascinating, friendly childhood program beyond excellence.

Our program fits with the schedules of working parents.

We open 6.00 a.m to 6.30 p.m.

Our program cares for all ages of children so parents don't have to split them up and take them to different locations. (ages serves from 0-12)

Our program meets all health and safety requirements to make sure your child is safe at all times. (We are Lic for 14 Kids)

Our program serves nutritious home-cooked meals. Weekly menus are posted so parents know in advance what we are serving everyday.

Our program's low child-to-staff ratios and small group sizes allow each staff to spend special time with each child. Ratio 1:4

Our teachers are selected for their knowledge of child development, their experience with children, and their warmth and love for children. Our teachers are well educated and continue education with child development through workshops and seminars.

Our Philosophy

As a guider, researcher and a close friends we would listen to each child inner background. As an educators our role is to determine the child's ability to grow in each developmental area and provide the precise environment to build their skills. Give access to hands-on activities and allowing adequate time and space to use materials that emphasize the lesson being studied creates an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge. My teaching theories will inspire with Reggio Emilio, Montessori, high-scope and the combination of other theories. Therefore instead of being an information provider I will act as a researcher and using short and long term project goals according to students' ideas. The student learns best when they construct knowledge through their own inspirations and ideas. Parent involvement is welcome to support children's work and to make a safe and supportive environment. Children take a long time to be independence but it needs to starts with a step by step process. Lesson plans will build as themes and once curriculum builds children's ideas they are more responsible and concern about their work. The lesson plan will include play time since during play time they develop their emotional , physical , Creative and social skills. The culture , discipline , Learning & future begins with their playtime, once they demonstrate different characters , waiting for their turns, obey to the rules, respect to each other, express feelings & verbal & non verbal communication maturity. Furthermore student's development will evaluate and observed by effective methods to consider individual strengths and needs.