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Fully Alive

What does it mean to be fully human? To be human is to be a part of God's gift of creation. It means to love and be loved, to live in a family, to have friends, to be male or female, to make choices and promises, to be happy and sad, to be successful and to fail, to participate in society. All of these facets of human life will be explored in Fully Alive Program; Created and Loved by God.

An overview of topics for our first unit includes:

1. God knows my name

2. Different and alike

3. All kinds of feelings

4. We share talents and gifts

Theme one if rooted in Christian believe that God creates, loves and sustains a person. We will be talking about the way God knows each of by name, we are precious and God loves us.


A solid understanding of place value is essential to develop a strong understanding of computation methods.

Number Sense means knowing what a number means, what it represents and what relationship does it have to other numbers. Having number sense is to make reasonable estimates, is to visualize ¼ of a pie, is to know how far 14 is from 23 on a number line, is to understand that 3 means something different when placed in hundreds column, is to “see” quantity and compare them, is to perform mental math is to decide what strategy is best in solving a problem.

We are starting Mathematics with place value. Through activities your child will discover that the position of digits in numbers tells what digit it represents and that there are patterns in the way numbers are formed.

In this unit you child will:

· investigate patterns on a 100 chart

· count on a blank (open) number line

· group by 10s to count

· find ordinal numbers

· use base-ten blocks to model 2-digit and 3-digit numbers, then record the numbers on a place value mat

· use base-ten materials to compare numbers

· explore different ways to represent numbers

· investigate and describe 1000

Here are suggested activities you can do to help your child:

· remove the 10s and face cards from a deck of cards. Deal 3 cards to each player. The player can make the greatest 3-digit number with his/her cards and earn a point. Repeat the activity making the least possible number


The first weeks of September are a perfect time to establish framework for Reading, Writing and Working with Words Workshops. A well organized and ran classroom allows the students to practice independently reading, writing and spelling strategies but most importantly, it frees the teacher to meet with small groups of students to target their specific needs once data from diagnostic assessment is gathered and analyzed.

In Reading workshop, the students will have an idea of what it means to be an effective reader; a reader that not only decodes prints, but interacts with the message carried by the text. "Reading is Thinking" will be the buzz phrase in September and throughout the year. The students will learn how to choose appropriate texts, set purpose for reading and work on building a greater stamina.

In Writing Workshop, the students will be introduced to the writing process:






and the traits of writing:





•word choice

•sentence fluency


This year, the students will learn how to compose: