Jews living in Germany

By: Luke Thompson

My Research Question

How were Jewish people living in Germany affected by Hitler and the Nazis' rule?

Why I choose this topic

  • I choose this topic because I have always been interested in World War Two and what life was like for the people who lived during World War Two.
  • I also choose this topic because I had a lot of family who served in World War Two.

What I found

- I found that the Nazis' killed around 160,000 Jews before the start of WWII.

- The Nazis' under minded Jews and started an anti-Jewish program.

- Jews were persecuted because they did not fit in with society and were the cause of Germany's economic problems.

- Many Jews tried to escape, but only some made to safety.

- Most Jews were treated horribly, but some were treated nicely in other countries.

- In 1941 Jewish people who were still in Germany could not leave.

- I also learned that Jews made up less than 1% of the German population.

The Answer to my Question

Jews who lived in Germany and other parts of Europe were treated horribly. They were persecuted because Hitler thought they were the cause of Germany's bad economy. Fortunately, some made it to safety in war- neutral countries.


In conclusion Jews who lived in Germany had a horrible life. They were treated terribly because they did not look like a normal German person would. Adolf Hitler was an awful man and persuade German people to hate Jews.


- One thing that was easy to me was getting the information from the sources that I had.

- One thing that was hard was getting the bibliography correctly worded.

- I also thought that putting the information into words was hard.


Any questions that you may have.


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