Ancient Greece

By:Raelyn Murray


I studied Ancient Greece. I learned about the beginnings of Ancient Greece. Also slavery and how Greek culture survived. Greece people roamed over 4,000 years ago. I wrote three paragraphs about Ancient Greece! Hope you enjoy!!!

Beginnings of Ancient Greece

It all began in 1600 and 1900 BC. They all spoke indo- European. They made pottery and paintings used from gold and bronze. The Invaiders were at the barbarian stage. They all also worshiped gods.

Slavery In Ancient Greece

Slaves worked as servants for wealthy people. The wealthy kidnapped poor to work for them.Some woman had to abandon there child so the mother can go and work as a slave. Two-fifths of the population were slaves! Most athians were well treated, not harmed most of the time. Sometimes kids had to be slaves to help with little things.

How Greek Culture Survived

The Hellenistic age ended 31 BC. During the renascence art and literature was taught. There was over 2,000 citizens. As Christianity grew and spread, it was profoundly influenced by greek thought. The Byzantine empire made sure to keep its same language, laws and religion.


My research about Ancient Greece helped me learn more about it. I learned that people were around nearly 4,000 years ago! They wore way different things than we do know. I found somethings very interesting. Some people were very wealthy, some on the other hand had to work to get money or gold like most adults still have to work to make money. I learned lots of new things. I hoped you liked my presentation on Ancient Greece!


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