For Heaven's Sake

Our Lady Queen of Heaven School - November 2018

The Principal's Corner

Daily I am reminded of what it means to be part of a close knit school community. Last week I was told by students that they were happy to be back to school after the Thanksgiving break. This is testament to the safe, nurturing environment that we work so hard to provide our children as they return to us every day. But the school and its spiritual and academic offerings are only part of what the OLQHS community provides.

In the past several weeks, we have participated in programs to serve those that are less fortunate in various places throughout the world. As we enter into the season of Advent we will also be working with Catholic Charities to help under-served families in our own community and schools. I continue to pray prayers of thanksgiving for your generosity and gracious spirit of giving, for the projects we use to teach our students to put others before themselves. As you well know, the value of these projects is unparalleled in teaching our students to become the future servant leaders of our community.

I am thankful to the OLQHS community. I also want to ask that you continue to keep all members of our community who are ill in your prayers, as we petition our loving father to watch over those who are sick and in need of our help. I pray that you all have a safe and blessed Advent season.

Trevor Donnelly, Principal-OLQHS

What's Happening at OLQHS

Important Dates!

December 4: Festival of Lights and Wreaths 7:00 pm OLQH Church

December 5: All School T-Shirt Day

December 12: December BDay T-Shirt Day

December 14: Choir Community Band Concert 7:00 pm Trinity Baptist Church

December 18: Band Concert 6:30 pm in Cafeteria

December 19: Choir Concert 6:30 pm

December 21: Christmas Mass 9:00 am OLQH Church

*the school day will end at noon.

Calendar Raffle Drawing After Mass!


We will be out of school for the Christmas holiday beginning at noon on December 21st and returning on Monday, January 7th.

MLK Day: January 21st (NO SCHOOL)

Join us for Mass

December 13: Elementary Mass (PK - 4th grades)

8:30 am OLQH Church

December 14: Middle School Mass (5 - 8 grades)

9:00 am OLQH Church

December 21: Christmas Mass (all grades)

9:00 am OLQH Church

Click here to visit our Religious Interactive where daily readings, the Jesse Tree symbol & reading, and a meditation is posted every day. I hope that this aids your celebration of this Season of Waiting.

60th Anniversary Calendar!

Purchase a special edition 60th anniversary calendar for $30!

The calendar runs August 2018-December 2019 and has all major school events listed.

With your purchase, you will be entered into a monthly raffle drawing beginning in October.

Each month you will have a chance to win $100. If you win you will have the choice of taking the $100 or putting your ticket back into the pot for a chance to win $1,000 at the final drawing in May.

Email: to purchase your calendar!


The FACTS and Renweb companies have merged! They are now calling all of their programs FACTS. All of our systems and apps will be the same - you just will start seeing the FACTS name instead of Renweb. It will take us a while to get used to calling them all the same thing! :)

Also - Instructions on how to access your FACTS invoices are located in Renweb (FACTS) under “Resource Documents”. If you need assistance with this or the financial side of FACTS, please contact Pam Goodwin

ALL FACTS balances to be current prior to February 4th in order to register on time for the 2019-2020 school year.

Veterans Day

Thank you to everyone who came to our Veteran's Day Tribute! Special thanks to the 4-H Club and Aimee Fontenot for their work on the event. We are truly grateful for the dedication of all of our veterans!

Operation Christmas Child!

Thank you to all who packed Operation Christmas Child boxes! Together our school community packed 523 boxes that will go to children in need across the world! Thank you to Cub Scout Pack 107 & Tara Reed's WEBELOS Scouts who helped crate up all of the shoeboxes!
Big picture
Big picture

60 Soiree!

You can help us with the 60 Soiree in the following ways!

  • BUY a TICKET or purchase a TABLE! Come and just enjoy the fun evening supporting our school!

  • DONATE an item! If you have goods or services to donate we would love to put them in our auction!

  • SPONSOR the event! Support the event with a sponsorship!

  • Make a DONATION for Theme Baskets!

Click HERE and check out our AWESOME Soiree website - where you can do all of these things, purchase tickets, donate items and sponsor!

Yearbook News

You can now order your yearbook for the 2018 -2019 school year. They are $40. Order forms were sent out via email, and can also be found on ParentsWeb under Resource Documents. The deadline for ordering a yearbook is March 22, 2019. If you have questions, please email or

OLQH Youth Ministry

OLQH Youth Ministry has several activities for students in grades 6-8. If you would like more information on the activities listed below, click here or contact Marty Berry


Food, fun, fellowship and faith formation! EDGE meets each Tuesday after school until 6:10.


Parents are invited to the Youth House each Tuesday morning after drop off for coffee and to pray for the youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grade and their educators.


3:15 - 4:15 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. 7th and 8th grade students may come to the Youth House and make it their own, hang out, enjoy their friends, work together on homework, play. We will also have opportunities that will help the youth unlock the mysteries, traditions and works of our faith, unlocking the disciple they are called to be and begin "bridging" to High School Youth Ministry.

A Season of Giving

“Whoever has two cloaks should share with the person who has none.

And whoever has food should do likewise.” These words are given to us by John the Baptist during this Advent Season to prepare the way of the Lord. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School is participating with Catholic Charities in providing food for the hungry of our diocese. We are inviting all of our families to take advantage of this opportunity and give generously to this project.

In addition, we are also participating in a special drive for the children of Lake Charles who do not have adequate supplies that they need for their own good health. We have a rich tradition of sharing with those in need, especially when it comes to children.

Special Drive for Children / Catholic Charities

Pre-Kindergarten: toothbrushes / dry beans

Kindergarten: toothpaste/ canned fruit

1st grade: bar soap / canned vegetables

2nd grade: shampoo / Vienna sausage

3rd grade: blue or white bows / tuna fish

4th grade: ponytail holders and hair brushes / dry pasta

5th grade: deodorant / tomato sauce

6th grade, 7th and 8th grade: food (dry goods) canned soup

Breakfast bars, pop tarts, cereal, fruit snacks / poptop canned meals

This collection will begin on Thursday, December 6th and will end on Friday, December 14th. Let us continue our journey through the Advent Season in joyful expectation of the coming of our Lord!

Families of Faith

As you have attended Mass during the Fall season, you may have noticed that the praying of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary has occurred before each of the Masses during the weekend. Msgr. Torres has decided to continue this prayer indefinitely.

He has invited our school families to volunteer in leading the praying of the rosary during the month of January of 2019 for the intention of Respect for Life and Families.

If you are interested in volunteering to lead the rosary at any of the Masses during the month of January, please contact Pam Fontenot with the date and time. Each of those will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Thank you so much for giving your time and talent as a participant in this important service. The children are asked to come dressed in their church uniform. Rosaries are led 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the Mass.

Classroom FUN

AR Goals!

These students exceeded their AR goals by 400%!! Mr. Donnelly treated them to lunch and they had a special visit with Monsignor Torres to celebrate!

Congratulations: Madelyn Stewart, Eli Irwin, Sylvia Armentor, Jackson Downs, Thomas Bebee, Natalia Reyes, Lily Buckles, Andrew Huang, Carl Morillo, James Courville, Ike Irwin.

Big picture

Kindergarten & Pre-K Thanksgiving!

The Kindergarten Pilgrims hosted the annual Thanksgiving Feast with their friends the Pre-K Indians. What a fun tradition!


Pre-K has been learning about mixtures and conducting experiments to find out if different mixtures can be separated back into its parts. Ms. McIver made trail mix for one of our experiments, and we separated and sorted the snack, and learned that we could even turn it back into a mixture (then we had fun eating!).


Kindergarten had a great field trip to CM Farms!

1st Grade

Congrats to Will Prejean! His artwork was published in the Ducks Unlimited Greenwings "Puddler' magazine! His artwork is shown below on the bottom left!
Big picture

2nd Grade

2nd grade made their First Reconciliation! They had their Day of Reflection and visit from Father Trey to help them get excited for this Sacrament!

Reading Everywhere!

Mrs. Posch challenged her 2nd graders to read in fun places over the Thanksgiving break! Here are just a few!

3rd Grade

3rd graders have been busy!

They made Advent chains of 25 good deeds or things they can do each day during advent to prepare their hearts for Christmas!

Mrs. Thibodeaux's class has also been having fun and practicing their division in math centers!

They have been learning about branches of government. The class was split into senate and house of reps. Each group formed “committees” to write different “bills” they wanted to become “laws” in the classroom. Each group voted on bills. The bill that passed both house and senate was brought to the executive branch “Mrs Link” to be signed or vetoed! It was signed and they have a new classroom “law”!

And they just had their Day of Reflection! What a busy month!

4th Grade

The 4th graders have been working hard learning long division with remainders! They remembered the letters of the steps Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, and Repeat by learning the phrase “Does McDonald’s Serve Burgers Rapidly?” They played a board game with partners using the remainders that we found after dividing.

5th Grade

Fifth graders studied Native Americans before the Thanksgiving holiday, and ended with a project. Students researched a tribe, decided on a project, and presented it to the class!

The fifth grade were so excited to be able to share some of their very own mustard greens with Villa Maria! They are so proud of their garden!

6th Grade

6th graders had fun in the lab playing JENGA math!!

Big picture

The Art World

So many new friends have made it into the Artsonia Hall of Fame in the last month. Our new Kindergarten Hall of Fame students in Kindergarten are Rosalie Darbonne, Matthew Lanier, Aubrey Thornhill, Beau Devillier, Cullen Gabbard, Jeanne Marie Stine, and Teddy Castillo, Our only First Grade Hall of Famer is Trip Lebert. In Second Grade we have Amelia Broussard and Brody Stine. The Third Grade Hall of Fame students are Colt Leger, Grace Smith, and Amelia Lanier. Fourth Grade Hall of Famers are Campbell Louviere and Karter Orndoff, Congratulations to all!

As usual the holiday season is always a very busy one. Kindergarten students are drawing Santa with Rudolph pulling his sleigh. They are, of course, adorable. First graders are drawing 'The Reason for the Season"--Jesus. Their pictures will show Baby Jesus in the manger with Mary nearby praying. It is one of my favorites. Third Grade students will be learning about symmetry by drawing a Christmas Angel to which they will add glitter. They will be laminated, cut out and turned into Christmas ornaments.

The Fourth Grade Art Classes have moved into the "Big Time". The students drew their design for their gourd Christmas ornament on paper and colored it. This will be their guide while they paint their design on the gourd. They will outline their designs with Sharpies and polyurethane the gourd. These beautiful Christmas ornaments will adorn your family tree for years to come.

The Sixth Grade Art Rotation has had the opportunity to hear a lecture from a local artist, Mr. Jay Bowdon, from Westlake. He does Abstract Art with Prismacolor Color Pencil Colors on colored textured paper. You can see his work on the Artsonia website. He taught the students how to make their own abstract and he will return to critique their work on Artsonia as soon as it is completed. Thank you, Mr. Bowdon.

The 8th Grade Fine Arts Survey class has spent the last six weeks studying about the Illuminated Manuscripts of Western Europe. We chose the Illuminated Manuscripts from the 600's in Ireland and Scotland (the Book of Kells and Lindisfarne Gospels). The students had to design their own Illuminated Manuscript including Celtic Knots, tendrils and spirals, fantastical beasts, angels, and the Four Evangelists and/or their symbols. They colored with Prismacolor Pencil Colors and hand painted in the gold to make them :"illuminated". They are magnificent!! Below are some pictures of the students working. We had a contest with twelve judges: Megan O'Quin, Diane Jackson, Diane Oden, Pam Fontenot, Jan Penfield, Mary Anne Smith, Gloria C. Hebert, Colette Tanner, Jane Piraro, Father Whitney Miller, Jay Bowdon, and Father Charles McMillan. Thank you, Judges!! The three top winner's artwork will be printed on the school's Advent Card that we be sent out in the parish. These are the following winners of the Advent Card Contest: First Place--William Bright; Second Place--Hannah Williams; Third Place--Emma Bright; Fourth Place--Gabriella Ragusa; Fifth Place--Gabbie Link-Gabbard; Sixth Place--Alana Arredondo; and Honorable Mention--Seth Hebert. Congratuations!!

This is a BIG Christmas hint--Buy Christmas gifts for your family with your child's artwork. Artsonia's Gift Shop has amazing gifts of high quality that grandmas, grandpas, Moms, Dads, and everyone will love. If you wanted something Christmasy, I will be putting their Christmas artwork up as soon as possible. 8th Grade FAS student's parents should print their child's artwork on Christmas cards through Artsonia to send to their loved ones--a VERY personal card. T-Shirts, mugs, magnets, luggage tags--you name it! Remember, the Art Department gets 20% of every sale and that is my only fund raiser. Even if you don't buy anything, be sure to go online and comment of your child's artwork. It really means alot.


Remember we are busy creating, making messes, and having FUN!


You can wear any Artsonia T-shirt with jeans on that day.

Have the Merriest of Christmas Ever! Thanks for all you do,

Brenda Foshee, Art

Choir & Band News

Upcoming Events:

December 14 - Choir concert with Community Band 7:00 pm Trinity Baptist Church

December 18 - OLQHS Band Concert 6:30 pm

December 19 - OLQHS Choir Concert 6:30 pm

December 21 - Christmas Mass 9:00 am

4-H News

Congratulations to Grace and Camp McCall who participated in the Bayou Classic Cattle Show. Grace won Grand Champion Grey Brahman Bull and Camp won first in the 9 year old Showmanship Class and second in Heifer Class. We are so proud of you!

asbestos statement

Each year parents must be informed that the school has complied with all national standards regarding asbestos on campus. Certain vinyl floors and the panels that are below the quad windows will have to be handled appropriately if ever replaced. Our report indicates that existing asbestos is in good condition and we have the highest rating given. You are welcome to examine the asbestos file in the office if desired.

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