William Shakespeare

By: Sophia Vogt

Date of Birth and Death

He was born in April 23, 1564

He died in April 23, 1616

About Shakespeare

William married a woman named Hannah Haddawaway and both of them had 3 children named Susanna Shakespeare, Hamnet Shakespeare, Judith Shakespeare. Shakespeare was famous for hi's poetry and playwrites, because of this Shakespeare had to leave hi's family and move on to London to become a dramtist.

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre was opened by Shakespeare so he could share hi's plays with people. this theatre included groundlings where people would sit and watch hi's plays. Theatres would be closed during Shakespeare's day because he alot of private plays during those times. the Globe Theatre is basically destroyed because it caught on fire.


William Shakespears plays were divided into 3 categories which were comedies, tragedies and histories. he wrote 39 plays and made 154 sonnets. If william had any plays where female roles were played they would use young boys because of the fact that women were not allowed to act.

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare created a company named under Elizabeth I and under King James named The Lord Chamberlain's Men. Later on Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet between 1591 and 1596, it was one of the most popular plays he has ever written and alot of people attended to see it.

Creation of Shakespeares Expressions and Words

Shakespeare enjoyed making words and expressions for his poetry and plays some of his popular expressions were: Auspicious, Baseless, and barefaced.

He also loved to invent words like: Moonbeam, Bloodstained, Swagger, Majestic and Assassination. and some insults were Goatish and Weedy.

What I Learned About William Shakespeare

I learned alot about him and not just because of hi's famous play "Romeo and Juliet" i learned hi's personal facts and how he used to do private plays during Shakespeare's day in the Globe Theatre and i always wondered why theatres were closed during that day.