British Started the War of 1812

British Step in Again

The colonists watched horror struck as their white house and capital burned. This all started with the British, making the Americans work on their ships thinking that they had all the control! Or when British troops pushed American troops back from Canada like they were fools. This is why the British started the war of 1812.

British Repel American Troops

At the battle of Frenchtown the British and their Indian allies repelled the Americans they day after that American survivors were killed. They killed the American people without thinking twice about it. It was a victory for the British, it barely impacted them at all on the other hand it resulted in death of innocent Americans making it a sad time.

Risen and then Fell back down

Americans had a plan, a plan to attack. They wanted to go to Canada to gain land and cut off British supply lines to their allies the Tecumsen Indians. When they finally got there the inexperienced American soldiers were pushed back so quickly that they didn't know what hit them. The British had yet again took the Americans as fools like dirt on the bottom of their shoe. The question was how would the Americans strike back?
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