This is Me

by:Kenzie Smith

Who Am I

-If you always do what you've always done you will always get what you've always got-Tony Robbins

I am a upright peron with bold figure.I enjoy basketball ,softball,reading,and lacrosse snd ocean life.I also enjoy helping people in sticky situations.My

learning style would probley be observing things (looking).These traits should be important when deciding over a career brecause you will never WORK a day in your life if you enjoy your job.

Where Am I Going

My Career as a oceanogapher.Oceanoghers use science,math,and biology to study and explain the complex interactions with seawater,oceanlife,freshwater,polor ice caps and more.

The median Salary for a oceanogher is about 99,690 a year.Will oceanography be available in 2-5 years?Yes,oceanography is a very important part of science.Without it we would not know about seafloor ad our ocean in 2-5 years.

This career is in the Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathmatics cluster.

This job's work schedule will include day time aprox:8:00 to 5:00

This work enviroment will include the indoors and outdoors.Indoors to test organisms in the lab.Outdoors for testing waves,climate,and tempature.

Something intresting about my job is that there is not one type of oceanography there is about 3-7.



How Do I Get There?

I would lik to attend The University of Florida or The University of Arkansas.

The University of Arkansas is located in Fayetteville,Arkansas.The University of Florida is located in Gainesville,Florida.

I would pick one of these colleges because of the acadimics and sports leanding to my out-of-college career.The University of Arkansas is NOT far away about 30 minutes.The lUniversity of Florida is about 12 hours away.The degree i will need is a t least a Bachelor's degree.The cost per hour for The University of Arkansas is 196 dollors an hour.A couple of scholorships i would need are basketball scholorship softbll scholorship or scholorships for grades.

If going to college is not in your plans ,what will you do after high school?

College is one of my plans but if i did not go to college i would probley get ajob at Genos :D