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Lunch and Learn Special Newsletter

Lunch and Learn at CB West

Dear CB West Community:

For the past three years, the CB West Community has been planning for the implementation of a program called Lunch and Learn, a program where students have autonomy over their own time, learning, and well-being. One way we prepared for Lunch and Learn was by establishing committees that focused on preparations needed to launch the program. These committees were comprised of CB West students, parents, and staff. The committees worked on developing the structure of Lunch and Learn, the development of training resources for Lunch and Learn, and the identification of activities to occur during Lunch and Learn, among other items. Additionally, students and staff visited multiple schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to learn how others have already benefited from Lunch and Learn.

Specifically, Lunch and Learn is a 63-minute window of time in the middle of the day (10:33-11:36 AM) that allows students autonomy over their own time, learning, and well-being. This unscheduled hour in the students’ school day provides time to eat lunch, meet with teachers, guidance counselors, socialize, exercise, and participate in a variety of other activities. Through these and other optional activities, students will build and maintain positive relationships with peers and staff as well as foster their own academic and social-emotional needs and interests. Furthermore, faculty will collaborate during this time to plan and create engaging lessons and enrichment activities to ensure student success in and out of the classrooms at CB West.

We are excited to announce that we will begin Lunch and Learn on Monday, September 27, 2021. To prepare students for the program, we will be providing multiple training sessions throughout the first few weeks of school. Please click HERE for detailed information about Lunch and Learn.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you about what you would like to see incorporated into this Lunch and Learn block. Please consider completing the survey below.

Lunch and Learn Survey

Click HERE to watch a video introduction to Lunch and Learn from Mr. Donovan

West Proud,

Timothy P. Donovan