South Sudan Civil War

By Victoria Spieler

What is the reason between the fights in South Sudan?

The cause for the civil war in South Sudan is that the president of South Sudan is part of Dinka tribe, the largest tribal group in South Sudan. The former vice president is part of the Nuer tribal group, and the 2 groups have a very violent rivalry and this is what caused the civil war. The tension started when Nuer leaders decided to boycott an important meeting and Salva Kiir got mad. He armed soldiers outside, and that’s what got the Nuers angry.The 2 main groups in this war are the Dinka and the Nuer, and the war has caused many families to become displaced.

In South Sudan, there is an ongoing civil war. South Sudan has been involved in 3 civil wars: both with Sudan. The 2nd one lead to South Sudan becoming their own country.