PCF7 - Technology and Innovation

ID: 461 - Recent Technological Advancements

Presented by Robert Okinda


The purpose of this session proposal is to showcase how moodle can be used to create e-courses for the TIVET sub-sector in Africa. Whereas many TIVET institutions in Africa are grappling with initialization and operationalization of e-learning, few have been able to take off, ostensibly due to inability of course content developers to use instructional design principles to develop their e-courses. More often than not, 'computer specialists' in the TIVET institutions are tasked lead and implement e-learning projects as experts, notwithstanding their background in instructional design.

Content for three e-courses, that is; Network Management, Basic IT Security and Introduction to e-Government were developed. Course content for Basic IT Security will be show-cased to demonstrate how instructional design principles can be used to create e-content with authentic assessments. The course content was developed for the Directorate of e-Government in Kenya and are currently being pursued by technical staff working for Kenya's Directorate for e-Government.