Alfi's/9pminus Syndrome


The short end of the ninth chromosome being missing.


Mental retardation, mongoloid eyes, abnormally shaped, unusually flat midfacial region, long upper lip, cleft lip and palate, anteverted nostrils, arched eyebrows, white flat nasal bridge, small ears, short nose, small jaw, short and broad neck, genital defects (very small genitals), congenital heart defects, extra fingers, long digits, predominant whorls on fingers, seizure disorders, and poor muscle tone.

Cure process

There is no cure for Alfi's syndrome and there never will be. It's a lot like down syndrome and there is no cure for either one.
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Population Effected

Over 100 babies are affected every year. Not many have it but, it is very threatening to patients. Any race or gender can get it.

Caused by a spontaneous deletion of a small portion of the short arm of chromosome 9

during early fetal growth process.