Suitable activities for children

Suitable things.

Suitable things for children's activities are important for the safety of the children.

Children Scissors: They're safer for children to use then normal/adult scissors. They won't hurt the children

Water Colours: Water colours are safe for children to use. It is not harmful to use, so it is safe to use with children.

Painting: This is fine for children to use, as long as they don't put it in their mouth.

Unsuitable things

The unsuitable things are to dangerous for children. Don't let the use them.

Normal/adult Scissors: Don't let children use these as they're to dangerous for children to use. They could get hurt.

Super Glue: Super glue are dangerous for children to use. Don't let them use it because if they use it and get the glue on their hands and put them in their mouth, they could get really ill.

Clay: Don't let children play with clay. It's dangerous for children to use as they could put it in their mouth and get ill

Health and Safety

Make sure when you do an activity with children, think healthy and safety. It's important to think about children's health and safety. Think allergies too. Make sure they don't have any allergies of any activities equipment.