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April 3, 2020

English Department Update

Dear Red Raiders,

Despite the massive changes happening in our lives, the BHS English department is still committed to helping students get connected to some good books, audiobooks, and films!

Although the Bellingham Public Library system is closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many of the library’s services are still up and running. All sorts of materials are still accessible: e-books, audiobooks, online magazines, newspapers, and films.

In addition, the library is still taking calls and emails in order to assist people in getting what they need. If any of you are looking for some wonderful distractions, we encourage you to reach out and use their resources. If you have any more questions about the library system, check out the library’s frequently asked questions:

As a department, one of our central missions is to instill a love of reading in our students, and I must say that the number one request from parents and students in our time away from school has been “can you send us a list of good books to read?” Yes! Yes, we can. Asking English teachers if we could make you a list of good books is like asking a teen in the 80s if they could make you a mixed tape! Done and done!

And these requests are heartening! Numerous studies have determined that reading reduces stress, promotes well-being, increases empathy, and contributes to healthy sleeping patterns—which, I’m sure, we could all use right now. In addition, books are great “blinders” to prevent you from spending too much time with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime…(I would go on, but I think there is a word count I’m supposed to adhere to!).

Recently, I found myself using one our library’s systems best apps, Libby, which is well worth investigating. If you don’t already know, it allows you to borrow and place holds on e-books and audio books from your local library. Typically, I prefer a physical copy of a book, but I must admit that Libby’s ease of use, digital “shelf,” and calendar (which allows you to predict when your e-book will arrive) has swayed me to finally getting on board with—gulp!—a Kindle (Et tu, Brute?).

And what did I discover? The serenity offered to me by a book, in whatever form it takes, is wonderfully unique, but I can’t say it better than Wordsworth did: “the love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and / All the sweet serenity of books.”

From all of us in our English department, we hope you can find that next great book!

-Damon Burnett - English Department Co-Chair

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BHS - This Week in Video

Here is today’s Red Raider Report:

Here are the other videos that we shatred over social media this week:

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Dear Red Raiders,

Students can access FREE eBooks and Audiobooks via the Libby app. Here’s how: Libby Set Up and Libby Tips.

Need help? Email Mr. Bachmeier, and I will help you get connected.

Keep on reading,

Mr. Bachmeier

PS: This Connect-ED program is a partnership between the Bellingham School District and the Bellingham Public Library. Program overview:

  • Each student will have a limited-use public library account. This means they can check out two physical items from any public library in Whatcom County, and have full access to digital resources, including ebooks and eaudiobooks.
  • There will not be a physical library card issued. The student’s barcode is the letters “BE” followed by their 10 digit student ID.
  • The pin is 1234
  • To download ebooks or eaudiobooks, use the Libby app.

Find answers to FAQs at

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Career and Community Events

The Scholarship Bulletin is updated. Take a look!

On the BHS web site. Go to the Student tab, click on the Career Center and open the scholarship link.

Applications are posted for:

· Whatcom Women in Business

· B.A.S.E Scholarship

· Ewing C Kelly

· Scott H Carlson Memorial

· Trans Ocean

On April 6, we will open the application for our fall 2020 Career and Technical Scholarship (CTS). Incredible scholarship opportunity for students interested in pursuing high-demand trade, STEM and health care careers through a certificate, apprenticeship or associate degree program at Washington's 34 community and technical colleges.

Email Connie Kelly with questions...