Fight For Women's Freedom

July 1st, 1700

Life of a Woman

The lives of women are hard and sometimes painful. They have almost no choices in life. When a married woman wants to do something it must be approved by the husband. Their lives are very dull and are full of work. Women take care of the household and do a lot of the field work, and when she doesn't obey she may be whipped. Depending on who she marries she may live in a very large mansion, but still will have to work and take care of the children. Women may act like they do not care about their way of life because they know their husband will beat them. Women live their life full of fear which is not a good way to live.

Women's Job

Life at home

Women usually didn't have jobs where they work for money, and instead just worked around the household doing chores, helping the children, and working in the fields. The husbands used the women as slaves, and the women couldn't question them because it is a law that the men can beat her. Most women thought it was wrong that men had the ability to do that, but still they couldn't react because they could be badly hurt.