1930's Fashionista

The top trends and fashion of 1930

Intro to fashion

The fashion trends from 1930 has definitely changed over the years. Fashion was very important to women in the 1930's it still is. Even though people were out of money they didn't dress like it. Thats how important it was to look good, and it still is. The clothes of the 1930s were definitely well thought out and just plain brilliant. For example the dresses in the 1930's were designed in such a way that brought out the shoulders and made their waists look naturally smaller. The fashion of the 1930's was a very fashion important time in history. The trends of the 1930's will always be around for people to always go back to.

The greatest fashion of all!

Some things changed over time but some things stayed the same to this day for the most part. One thing that didn't really change is it's all about designer and quality. Some of the top designers of the day Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli,Madeleine Vionnet, and many more. Some of the designers like Coco Chanel are still very famous. The designers were mostly from Paris or France.

How Fashion changed and affected the world.

When the war first hit, it first hit Europe. That meant that Fashion took a downward spiral. The fashion houses that determined the newest trends was closed down. The designers fled the country and forced wealthy people to shop for clothes elsewhere. With no more clothes coming from the European designers and with the U.S being cut off entirely from France American fashion designers filled up the space. Thats when the American look was created by American designers Mainbocher, and Claire McCardell. The American look was simply an "All-American" trend that was totally different from the French couture.