Special Westwood Update

FAQs about Upcoming Events

Gaining access to classrooms

Beginning May 4, staff will be permitted to come into the building. Only Westwood staff members is permitted to be in the building, and everyone is expected to still practice social distancing. As such, only the classroom teacher is permitted in her or his classroom to perform the tasks necessary to close up for the year. Pam will be generating a Sign-Up Genius that will be sent out to staff on Thursday, April 30th, 2020 so staff can begin signing up. We will have approximately 2-3 staff members in each wing of the building at a time. You will be able to select time slots to enter the building every 10 minutes; it is essential that you arrive promptly so that only one person at a time is in the front vestible. Your switpe badge will not work so you will need to be buzzed in by the office. The front door will be the only door open. Upon entry, you will be expected to follow the procedure below:

There will be a station at the main door:

  1. Check your temperature (you must go home if you have any temperature and will not be permitted to enter the building)

  2. Sign in and record your temperature

  3. Take gloves or wear personal gloves

  4. Wear a mask if possible; this recommended, but currently there are none that can be provided so please bring from home

  5. Stay 6 feet apart or more from staff in all spaces

  6. The office, mailboxes, staff workroom, and staff lounge are off limits. If you need access or items from these areas, please communicate with the office via classroom phone.

  7. Remain in your grade level wing except for placing student items in designated areas.

Know that it is our objective to have you in the building to the minimum extent possible. Here are the tasks that need to be executed:

1. Bag all student items in district provided bags and labeled with the student's name. We will take care of coordinating how to get these home to parents toward the end of May. Additionally, we will coordinate the pick up of all medication.

2. Take home all personal non-instructional items such as refridgerators and coffee makers; you also need to take home pillows, personal furniture such as beanbag chairs, stuffed animals and anything that is difficult to disinfect.

3. Purge and throw any junk away.

4. Put any instructional materials that need to be inventoried in one of the two book rooms.

* There will be carts and moving equipment available in the hallways. Please return to same location when finished using.

5. Put in instructional kits/sets back together i.e. Fundations kits, Bridges as much as possible.

6. Take home any instructional materials you made need for remote instruction.

7. All donated cleaning supplies such as wipes need to remain in your classroom. Supplies will be limited next year so you will need these.


1. Movers will pack all classroom supplies into plastic totes for teachers who will be moving. This includes teacher personal classroom supplies such as books and similar classroom supplies. This is to save staff time to focus on personal items and classroom clean up. Staff will not be expected/permitted to pack up your room.

2.Please take down bulletin boards and all wall coverings for summer.

3. Here is the link for the textbook inventory if you wish to get rid of old textbooks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wnIvEbiExL2F5KfnP8xpUIY4md0arPkyau_HxocwK54/edit?usp=sharing These need to be neatly stacked on the tables in room 2. We will take care of inventorying anything that is in the 3rd-grade storage room currently.

4. Please make sure SmartBoard pens, projector remotes are left accessible in the classroom. The Technology Department will collect these before any classroom moves to make sure each teacher has them at the beginning of the year.

5. Staff are expected to back up their classroom computers. Sean has sent staff several ways that this can be done. If you need help, put in a technology help ticket and let them know when you are in the building. Someone will come and help you.

Refrigerators, lamps, personal furniture such as couches, pillows, toys, stuffed animals, fragile personal items, microwaves, all appliances and anything that is not instructional and/or hard to disinfect.

I know this is tremendously overwhelming. We are here to help and problem-solve any issues that arise. If there are special circumstances that we need to consider, reach out to me as soon as possible.

Backing Up School Computer

As you leave for summer break, the tech team will collecting all teaching and support staff computers to upgrade them to Windows 10. This is necessary to make sure they are up to date with current security standards.

When this happens, all computers need to be wiped of their data, as a fresh computer image is installed.

Most of you backup your data regularly to Google Drive or a jump drive. If you do not, Sean created two short videos to help you.

This first shows you how to install Google File Stream. This allows you to use your West G Google Drive as a hard drive to easily keep your files backed up. If you are not already doing this, please start. It will protect your data in case of a problem with the computer, as well.

Install Google File Stream-HD 720p.mov

The link to download Google File Stream that is mentioned in the video is below.


The second video goes over how to use Google File Stream. It makes is very easy to back up your files gradually so this is not a rushed process for you.

Using Google File Stream-HD 720p.mov

If you need help, reach out to the tech team and they will gladly help you.

Student Placement

With all the upcoming changes in building configurations, we are hoping to make student placement as streamlined as possible. Here is the process that will be followed:

1) Once staffing is complete, building principals, ISs, and guidance counselors will place students with IEPs, 504s and any other special needs first..

2) Google Sheet will be shared with classroom teachers to gain input from about student strengths/weaknesses as well as all of the particulars that should be considered. This form needs to include every student in your room; it needs to be completed by all K-4 teachers by Friday, May 29, 2020.

3) Placement will then be completed using information from the teacher input form during summer months to ensure classes are balanced with Lindsey, WW, and Newbury students.

4) We will continue not to not accept parent requests for specific teachers. Should a parent contact you regarding the topic, please refer them to me.

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Please know that we continue to need to be providing interventions for students on RIMPs. Though the instruction may look quite different, it is important to be able to continue to provide access to instruction and progress monitor student growth.

By the end of the year, we will need completed electronic copies of each student's RIMP. I recognize that the signed one is a hard copy and that is ok. Please enter your data in the electronic copy that was shared in Google Drive. When you are in your classroom packing up for the end of the year, it is a good idea to grab all your copies of RIMPs as well as progress monitoring data.

We can discuss any questions you may have at upcoming PLCs.

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One School, One Book

We will begin the wishtree the week of May 4th. Copies were purchased and sent to staff who requested courtesy of PTO. A One School, One Book Google Classroom has been created so that teachers do not need to worry about posting or planning ELA instruction this week. For those who volunteered for the Readers' Theater, the script will be shared in very near future & Zoom invite sent for recording purposes.

ELA teachers, instruct students to join Google Classroom using code: joea37e

Explain that there is an assignment for each day of the week. The link for the video of the day's section being read is included. After watching the video, they need to complete the Google Form for the day (also included as a link) and submit when finished.

Spirit Week next week: Wish Day

Share with your class (and classmates) a wish you have for them, yourself, or someone else.