Capuchin Monkeys

Scientific Name-Cebinae

Role They Play

They can be used as service animals. They can help people with spinal cord injuries and help paralyzed people.


Color-Brown and white

Size-Can be 22 inches long and only 2 pounds when full grown

Appearance- Arms, legs, and tail

Fluffy- Yes


  • Food-Seeds, bugs, nuts, eggs of birds, leaves and fruit
  • Space- Cage needs to be 3ft wide, 3ft long, and 6ft tall. Needs to be able to run around the house also.
  • Grooming- Weekly
  • Habitat- Can live in tropical rain forests, dry forests, mangroves, or in your own home.
  • Health- Can develop life long infections that can be transmitted to people through scratches or bites

Temperamate and Protectivness

Temperamate- Usually very calm. When bored that act up by throwing things. Can also get viscious sometimes

Protectivness- Very protective when they are doin gtheir job of a service animal