Global Diets

By: Landon and Austin

Asian Diet

Healthy eating style that emphasizes rice, vegetables, fresh fruit, and fish, with very little red meat.

Pros and Cons For Asian Diet

Pros: Diverse Foods and Flavors, High in fiber, and No calorie counting.

Cons: May be calcium deficient, Hard to get used to eating that typ of food.

Typical Diet Meal

Fish, rice, vegetibles, and fresh fruit would be a meal in there diet.
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Nutritional Values

You'll get less calories, less carbohydrtes, not enough patassium, not enough Vitamin B, and too much Vitamin D.

Consequences For Long Term Health and Nutrition

Could lead to heart problems, Unhealthy weight loss, Nutrient difficiencies, Lack of energy, Constipation, Headaches, Numbness, Weakness, Kidney stones, Bone Pain, Extreme Thirst, and Confusion. Those are only some of a lot of different kinds of consequences for going on a diet.

Asian DIet vs American Diet

Asian diet is healthier than US diet because of higher assumption of vergetibles, Less meat, Fewer carbohydrates, and Green Tea assumption.

Mexican Diet

An appetizer, soup/ salad, Seafood/ Meat, and Rice/ Beans

Pros and Cons For Mexican DIet

Pros- The proper combination of tortilla and beans provides an exellent complement of amino acids, supplying the necessary amount of complex protein. The beans are excellent source of B vitamins, magnesium, folate, an fiber.

Cons- Limited financial access means that the diet often does not include sufficient levels of vitamins an minerals. The use of lard an a preference for fried foods also contributes to high intakes of saturated fats and cholesterol among subsets of the population.

Typical Meal for Mexican DIet

Meat, Rice, Beans, and of course some Hot Tortillas.
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Nutritional Values

You'll get around 700 calories, you'll get protein from the beans, and rice is a grain.

Consequences For Long Term Health and Nutrition

Not getting enough potassium can cause weakness, nausea, dehydration, confusion and all kinds of other different symptoms.

Mexican Diet vs US diet

American diets have a lot of potassium, Mexican diets focus on other things.