Nursing: Hard Yet Rewarding

Why you should join the most difficult but loving profession

Challenge VS. Reward

Do you like challenges? How about facing them every single day of your life? If you're up for any challenge then you should become a nurse. The nursing field is full of huge mountains to climb and unrealistic goals to reach. Now, you're probably thinking... "Why is this chick trying to convince me to become a nurse when she keeping saying how hard it is?". Well, that's a good question, but thankfully, I have an answer. The reason people go through with this crazy idea of nursing is because of the reward. Despite all of the challenges nurses face, there are plenty of positives that come into play as well. Let's continue, to find out more.
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Challenges To Be Faced

Throughout the nursing career, challenges are inevitable. The first challenge to be faced is the actual job description. As a nurse you will have to clean up after and take care of your patients. You have have to lift them out of bed to help them get to the bathroom, you will have to clean up their bed pans. You will have to give them sponge baths and stick them with needles. And yes, you will have to deal with the unhappy and angry patients that yell or hit you because they don't want to do something, or just because they are simply frustrated with their conditions. Another challenge faced will be everything your eyes witness. You will see people bleed, vomit, cry. You will see people with broken bones or broken hearts because they were just told they have cancer. You will see families crushed by horrible news, you will see people die. The biggest challenge of them all is the emotional attachment. You will try so hard not to get attached to your patients. In the long run, you will get attached to some that you come across in your career. You will remember their name, their sisters and brothers, their parents. You will know their favorite food, TV show, movie, genre of music. You will grow to love them like they are your own. Yes, these patients may get better, and sadly, they may not. Which leads into my last, yet hardest challenge of them all. The memories. The bad memories, they will haunt you for your lifetime. You will remember the people who hit you or screamed at you. You will remember the patients who died holding your hand. You will remember the patient who was incurable. These memories will never leave you, no matter how hard you try. It is these memories that make the reward part of this career, so important.

The Rewards That Are Given

Now, I know I probably scared you while reading the challenges, but it is the cold hard truth. The rewards are so much bigger and are much more memorable. One reward is all the people you will meet and all of the friends you will make. Yes, I know I said that getting emotionally attached is a challenge, but it has a big reward. For example, as a nurse, you are spending more time with the patient than the doctor. They will grow to love you, and respect who you are. When they are done with treatment, or their visit, they will thank you for being so helpful to them. Soon, those old patients who you helped, may come back to visit, bring you cookies around the holidays, send you a birthday card, the list goes on. One thing you will always cherish is the bonds you created with people when they were at their lowest point in their health, because you are the one who made them better. Another reward is an obvious one. You get to help people who are in need. Ever since I was little, I always loved helping people, and I am so excited I will be able to do that for the rest of my life. You will help people become healthy and happy again, and I don't think it gets better than that. The last reward I will tell you about is the good memories. These are the memories you will enjoy looking back on. Memories such as, helping a police officer who got shot, learn how to walk again. Or how about the little boy who was diagnosed with leukemia, you will remember being there when his oncologist told him and his family he was cancer free. You will remember how happy they were and how much they thanked you. Of course, throughout the career you will save, help, heal, love, and bond with people who started out as strangers. You will witness your own rewards, that are special to you. The rewards will continuously remind you why you go through so much as nurse, and why you wanted to become one in the first place. And that there my friends, is pure bliss.

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What About You?

Overall, nursing can be a very up and down roller coaster of a career. One day may be great, another may be your worst. Through laughs, tears, and anger, a day in the nursing field will make you unbelievably passionate about the value of life. Helping people heal is the best reward out there, and I wouldn't want to spend my day any other way. How about YOU? Are you with me?