Green Sea Turtle

By: Adeley Dellinger

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- They can weigh up to 700 lbs.

- They are named after their skin color.

- They can grow to a length of 5 feet.


How does farming decrease biodiversity?

- It takes away the land that habitats could form.

Why might farmers want to limit pesticide us on crops?

- It could harm the crops if they used to much.

How can deforestation decrease the biodiversity of an area?

- A lot of animals live in that habitat and it would be taking away their homes.

How would the draining of a wetland to make way for residential development affect the wildlife that lives in that area?

-It could take away the water supply and they would have to go live somewhere else.

Why should we work to restore the wetlands on the coast in North Carolina?

-They are homes to all kinds of animal and insects that enjoy wetlands.