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October Newsletter

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Educational Updates

We have had such an amazing school year so far! We have seen lots of reading growth after our first round of Fountas and Pinnell Testing! Our students have loved integrating technology in all subjects from using Chromebooks and iPADs!

Be sure to read with your child EVERY night to ensure they are growing into a lifelong reader.

Upcoming Events

10/23-10/27 Red Ribbon Week

10/25 Club Day

10/26 Pastries with Parents, Work Packets Go Home

10/27 All FUNDRAISER Sales Due, Kona Ice Day

10/31 PBIS Trunk or Treat Event

11/2 First Day of Tutoring

11/9 Smoothie Day, Work Packets Go Home

11/15 Family Night

12/14 Talent Show

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Wildwood Family Night- Character Counts

Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 5:30pm

444 Halfway Tree Road

Baton Rouge, LA

Please Join us for Family Night on November 15th. We will be sharing our love of reading with you and your family. Refreshments will be served at the event by our PTO. We will also have our BOOK FAIR! This is an exciting event for students and families to attend and our teachers can't wait to see you there!

Ms. Hebert's First Grade Class Enjoying the Garden

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Students in Mrs. Haney's 5th grade class created websites on Early American Native American tribes.

Click the links to see the student created websites!

Desert Southwest: LINK by Aiswarya N.

Eastern Woodland: LINK by Sarah K.

Plains: LINK by Dallas H.

Pacific Northwast: LINK by Benjamin N.

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Mrs. Schexnayder’s third graders have been studying about magnets as a part of the Invisible Forces Unit.

We have created our own experiments to test the possibilities of magnets! Did you know the first magnets were discovered in Greece? They were discovered by a shepherd whose shoes were attracted to the magnetic ground!


Our goal this year is to focus on becoming leaders of ourselves and others. We know that leadership starts from within and EVERYONE can be a leader! We asked our students and teachers what are some of their favorite habits-- and here is what they said!

"Habit 1, because I'm in charge of me." - Thallemus, a kindergarten student

"Habit 1. I like to be proactive!" Hunter, a kindergarten student

"Habit 3. We can work and then play." -Blaire, a kindergarten student

"My favorite habit is Think Win- Win because when we think win-win everyone can be happy. I want everyone to be happy!" - Simran, a 1st grade student

"Put first things first. Because you can work hard first and then play games." - Christian, a 4th grade student

"My favorite habit is habit number three: put first things first. I like habit number three because it tells me to put first things first. When I want to do homework and play games, I always do homework first. Habit number three just reminds me to work first, then play." -Brianna, a 3rd grade student

"My favorite habit is "seek first to understand, then be understood", because you need to first know why the person for example slapped your back,and once they told you why, you might regret what where going to say when you did not know why the person slapped your back." -Bobby, a 3rd grade student

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood. I like to get to know people before they get to know me." - Amariya, a 4th grade student

"Be Proactive. Because you need to be in charge of yourself before others." - Katherine, a 4th grade student

"Synergize. That is my favorite habit because I believe working together makes it easier to get things done and solve problems. " - Mrs. Hsu, a 4th grade teacher

"My favorite habit is putting first things first because it makes me focus on the important things. It helps me to prioritize what I do in my life and helps me to be more proactive and begin with the end in mind. " - Mrs. Brown, a 2nd Grade Teacher

"Put first things first, Because I like doing stuff first to get it over with." -Jared, 3rd Grade

"Put first things first, I like to work then play." -Landon, a 5th Grade Student

"synergize, because i like being in a group." -Jonathan

"My favorite habit is think win-win because if you have a problem you can think what is a way way we can all win. You can think win-win, you win, I win, we win." -Lauryn, a 5th Grade Student

"Sharpen the Saw ( Habit # 7). I feel that if I am well, then I can be a benefit to someone else." -Ms. Jones, 5th Grade Teacher

Wildwood Shout Outs- Who deserves to feel special today?

Thank you Mrs. Wright for giving us this awesome idea with your "Feed the Pig" display! We are loving the positive shout outs our students are giving each other. We are a school full of Bucket Fillers!

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run has made a positive impact on our school. Not only does it encourage physical fitness, but it also teaches girls life skills and a positive self-image.

Join them for the 5k on November 19th! Sign up information is below!


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