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Mid-Year Reading Assessments

The deadline for entering mid-year reading levels into Eduphoria is January 20th. Remember that you use the DRA assessment for accuracy and fluency scores and then the comprehension rubric for the comprehension score. Please let me know if you need assistance with this. After getting mid-year reading levels, please update your scores on the charts in the office area.

Mid-Year Math Assessments

The Window for entering data for PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade is open!

§ PreK- Counting Objects

§ Kindergarten-Counting Object and Changing Numbers

§ First Grade- Number Arrangements and Hiding

Flow Charts are in the Kinder and 1st Resource Folders if you need them. Nothing has changed this year.

The Closing date for all three grade levels is February 5th.

Three Week Meetings

PK/K/1/2 will meet this Thursday, the 7th, in the Conference Room during planning times, and 3/4/5 will meet the following Thursday, the 14th. Please bring your ESL guide that you received from the training that Gabby Cruz provided. This is the Tri-Fold document where you write your students' names and English acquisition levels. Come prepared to show where your students were at the beginning of the year and where they are now. We will discuss strategies that have worked to advance students in their English acquisition. Please also bring whatever documentation you use to keep track of your small group intervention.

Teacher Feature

We are so excited that Peggy Gonzalez and her student new to the U.S. from Turkey will be helping with a case study. Her student will be using Rosetta Stone on a daily basis to help her learn English more quickly. We are hoping that the program will prove itself worthy of use for other English Language Learners in the future.

ELL Strategies for ALL Learners

MWE's teacher web site for ELL Strategies is up and running! We will be adding new strategies throughout the month of January. Please access the web site, research the strategies that have been added, and pick one to try. After you have tried a strategy, post a message about what you tried in your classroom and how it went at the bottom of the web page. If you scroll down to the bottom of a page, you will see a place to post your comments. Please implement a strategy and post it by February 1st.

Click here for the web site:

REACH Curriculum Training

On Wednesday, January 6th, after school, we will have staff development on the REACH ESL curriculum in the Library. Please access the web site and make sure that you can sign in with your district log in and password before the training on Wednesday.

New Interactive Math Glossary

Language Support

· New Resource – Interactive Mathematics Glossary: the iPhone and iPad Apps

TEA’s Interactive Math Glossary is now available in the iTunes app store. The glossary is designed to help teachers explore and understand mathematics vocabulary used in the grades K–8 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Each glossary term is displayed in a four-quadrant Frayer Model. Go to to download.

· Academic Vocabulary column.

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, Jan. 6th REACH training in the Library 3:30

Thursday, Jan. 7th Three-week Meetings for PK/K/1/2 - Conference Room, Planning Time

Friday, Jan. 8th Hands On Science - 5th Grade

Friday, Jan. 8th Spelling Bee - 8:30

Friday, Jan. 8th Report Cards Go Home

Monday, Jan. 11th NRT Testing - 4th and 5th

Tuesday, Jan. 12th NRT Testing - 2nd, 4th, and 5th

Wednesday, Jan. 13th NRT Testing - 2nd

Wednesday, Jan. 13th PTA Meeting - 3:30

Thursday, Jan. 14th NRT Testing - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Thursday, Jan. 14th Three-Week Meetings for 3/4/5 - Conference Room, Planning Time

Thursday, Jan. 14th 1st, 4th, and 5th Grade Math PD - Science Center - 3:30 PM

Thursday, Jan. 14th Hands On Science - 3rd Grade

Friday, Jan. 15th NRT Testing - 3rd, 4th

Monday, Jan. 18th HOLIDAY

Tuesday, Jan. 19th NRT Testing - 2nd, 5th

Wednesday, Jan. 20th Hands On Science - 2nd Grade

Wednesday, Jan. 20th Team Leader Meeting - 3:30

Thursday, Jan. 21st NRT Testing - 2nd, 3rd

Thursday, Jan. 21st Hands On Science - 4th Grade

Friday, Jan. 22nd NRT Testing - 2nd, 3rd

Friday, Jan. 22nd 4th Grade Field Trip

Monday, Jan. 25th 5th Grade Math Practice STAAR

Tuesday, Jan. 26th NRT Testing - 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Wednesday, Jan. 27th CIT Meeting - 3:30

Upcoming Math Professional Development

January 14

Grade 4 & Grade 5

The Whole Story-Fractions 4/5

January 14

Grade 1

Race to 120- Number Sense

January 21

Grade 4

Steppin’ the Multi-Step-Word Problems

January 28

Grade 4

Steppin’ the Multi-Step-Word Problems (repeat)

February 1

Grade 4 & Grade 5

Get to the Point- Decimals 4/5

February 2

Grade 4 & Grade 5

Get to the Point-Decimals 4/5

February 8

Grades 2-4

Get in Line!- Number Lines

February 9

Grades 2-4

Get in Line!- Number Lines (repeat 2/8)

February 11

Grade 5

Shape Up-Geometry/Measurement

February 18

Grade 4 & Grade 5

Represent and Solve-Algebra 4/5

February 22

Grade 2 & Grade 3

The Whole Story-Fractions 2/3

March 3

Grade 4

What’s Your Angle?- Geometry 4th