3 KPA Update

What have we been up to?

Disney Day - AIS Sports Complex, Thao Dien

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 9-10:30am

36 Thảo Điền

Ho Chi Minh

-Children can come to school dressed as their favourite Disney character, in Disney-themed clothing, or house shirt and school shorts.

-Parents may attend the event and will have standing space in the Swimming Pool area, but children MUST attend with their class and return to Thu Thiem Campus with their class at 10:30am.

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Daily 5

We have started our Daily 5 Literacy Group activities. Students practice reading to themselves, reading to others, listening to stories, writing in their journals and building their vocabulary/word knowledge.

I often get asked by parents how best to read with their children, and in the above image are 3 simple strategies we have been learning to use in class to make the most out of our readers.

1 - Predict what the story might be about by looking at and talking about the pictures

2 - Read the actual words, making sure we stop and check for understanding

3 - Retell the story by talking or writing about it (this helps us to know if a child has understood the words they have read)


In Spelling we have looked at the ‘p’ and 'i' sounds and all the different ways these sounds can be made.

The Super Stars and Awesome spelling groups have learned a new spelling strategy called “Word Sorts”, where we sort our words according to different features. We practice this and then time ourselves getting faster!

The Heroes spelling group have been playing spelling card games where we have to match up our words.


We have been learning how to solve number problems. We have been discovering how to identify the useful information in a problem, and then deciding which operation we need to use to solve the problem. We have been making some of our own funny ones up about dragons and puppies!

Unit of Inquiry

We are starting our new Unit of Inquiry next week. It is all about signs and symbols, and how they help us to communicate. You will see that some of our homework is related to it. We are going to make a ‘Graffiti Wall’ in our classroom covered with all the different signs and symbols we can find.

Dates for your diary

Dates for your Diary:

  • Disney Day - Tuesday 23 September
  • Year 5POR Assembly - Friday 26 September
  • End of Term 1 – Friday 10 October
  • Pupil Free Day - Monday 20 October
  • Term 2 Starts - Tuesday 21 October
  • Year 6CDA Assembly - Friday 31 October
  • Year 6NWE Assembly - Friday 28 Novembe
  • Year 3NST Assembly - Friday 19 December