The 6 Traits of Writing

Dalton Patterson


The publishers writing has a clear message, purpose, or focus. The Writing contains plenty of specific ideas and details.

  • Choose a topic that is interesting to you.
  • Include details such as facts, examples, statistics, and feelings/thoughts.


Effective writing has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The overall writing is well organized and easy to follow.
The 6 Traits of Writing

Word choice

Good writing contains strong words, including specific nouns and verbs. The words fit the audience and deliver a clear message.

  • Use specific nouns and verbs
  • Use exciting words
  • Use a thesaurus


The best writing reveals the writers voice, his or her special way o saying things.
  • Speak an engaging way so the reader wants more
  • Show rather than tell!

Sentance fluency

Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next. Sentences vary in length and begin in a variety of ways.
  • Combine short, choppy sentences into bigger, smoother ones
  • Use a variety of sentence lengths and beginnings.
  • Use simple compound sentences

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Good writing is carefully edited to make sure it's easy to understand. The writing follows the rules for punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
  • Use evaluation sheet for reviewing
  • Edit using COPS!

The writing process

Here we are now at he writing process, we will need to go over almost as many steps as the 6 traits. :D

Writing Process Animation

Ideas for your paraghraph

The first thing you'll need to do is gather some ideas on a scrap piece of paper or just any type of paper you can find.

Rough draft

After you have your ideas you will need to start writing down a paragraph to check.


After you've gotten the draft done you will need to check any mistakes you may have made while writing it.

Edited draft

Ok, so when you have your edited draft you will need to start making another draft but with all of your revisions.

Publish / turn in

Then the final step would be to either publish the thing you wrote or hand it in to a teacher. :D

Write Tools

Ok, so the next thing i'm going to put down is the write tools, this is going to help alot of people in writing a draft or sometimes even editing.


The first thing you want to do is make a t-table with your ideas in it a.k.a the organization process earlier.

Core topic sentences

Then you will need to start coming up with topic sentences for your paragraph. The topics don't matter as long as you can make a topic sentence for it.


These transitions are going to be at the start on your main ideas, such as next, then, or finally.

Main ideas

These sentences get your detail sentences ready by giving sort of a mini topic sentence.

Tell me mores

The tell me more sentence is basically a detail sentence but with a fancy name, what these sentences do are giving details and helping support the main ideas.


Finally, we have the conclusion sentence. What this does is just closing the paragraph by almost repeating the topic sentence but altering it a little so that it doesn't say the same thing.

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