Gender and Identity


I believe that I am a Student at JTHS, a son and a brother. I love to fish and spend time outside. In school I have a lot of personalities. I'm funny and silly at sometimes but I’m serious when I need to be. I’m not currently in any sports but in the summer time I play football. I like working out with friends. We all give each other motivation.

In the play twelfth night, the character Sir Toby is Olivas uncle. He lies to party, drink, and stays up late. He thinks he is brave and witty. He has a way of being sneaky and tricking people. “Your cousin, my lady, takes great exceptions to your ill hours.” (I.III.4-5).pg.1. This quote is saying Lady Oliva, Sir Toby niece doesn’t like him staying up late drunk. Oliva could kick him out of her house if he acts badly.


I am a White male that likes to be myself and is a student at Joliet West High School. I not judged on my gender, but there is negatives and positives being a male. Being a male gives me a more mean and more intimidation look.

Sir Toby is a male that likes to cause problems. In twelfth night Sir Toby is not based on his gender. He just likes to drink and be funny. He likes Maria. Malvolio felt intimidated by Sir Toby with the trick he played on him.


People think I am a wealthy man people of the clothes I wear, my house and how I act. My parents are proud of me for getting good grades and what I become in life. I think my classmates and peers see me as a well-mannered man that works well and study’s hard.

I believe the other characters in Twelfth Night see Sir Toby as a drunk fool. When he is not drunk he s brave and witty. They think all he does is party and he doesn’t care about him. Lady Oliva wanted to kick him out because of him staying up late and acting like a fool.

Similarities and Differences

A similarity between Sir Toby and myself is we alike by how we like to be funny and what we do. I like to intimidate people but only to stick up for myself or others. I like to trick people but not in a bad way just light pranks.

Sir Toby and I are different by the action and the choices we make. Sir Toby choses to act badly. He like to drink and create problems. I like to drink pop and juice but not alcohol. I don't like creating problems I like to solve them.